CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Human smugglers distract Border Patrol officers with children so others can cross illegally!

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in San Diego released this video last night to demonstrate how human smugglers manipulate Border Patrol officers in order to get others across illegally.

In the video you’ll see 10 people cross illegally after the human smuggler drops two little girls over the old border barrier:

The Border Patrol officers obviously aid the little girls, aged 6 and 9, to get them to safety as you can see in the video above.

While they are busy doing that, the 10 who want to cross illegally jump the fence and cross. As CBP points out in the video, all 10 get away.

But hey, just listen to Democrats. We don’t need a 12th century border wall to keep potential Democrat voters out. No, cancel the national emergency. Nothing to see here.

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48 thoughts on “CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Human smugglers distract Border Patrol officers with children so others can cross illegally!

  1. But this is the right issue to limit presidential powers on./sarc Republicans: pulling defeat from the jaws of victory.

  2. Seems a clear indication that not having a wall and other strict border policies results in children being kidnapped to be used for these things. This is awful for those little girls – imagine what they are going through emotionally being all on their own now.

  3. It looks like Iraq war footage. Unfortunately there’s one thing missing…..the huge explosion at the end (blowing them to smithereens).

      1. @Dr.Strangelove I’d pretend I didn’t see it. Errrr….I mean I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that. 😉

  4. This is just one incident caught on camera… I can only imagine what these poor kids go through but you have the Left and their political bedfellows, the NTs, saying there’s no emergency.

    1. @Ciceroni Of course not. How will they strengthen their precincts and get their lawns mowed and laundry done?

  5. O/T, but I need a hug. I took our beloved red heeler in this morning to get her spayed, and she didn’t survive. I’ll go back in the morning to get her body. I’m devastated. How rare is it for a dog to succumb to a delay surgery? And, it wasn’t the anesthesia. Internal bleeding took her, but they couldn’t figure out where it was coming from, and she crashed extremely fast.

    1. @lillie-belle I’m so sorry to hear that Lillie, I know the pain you’re going through. God Bless you ((((( Hugs )))))

      1. @Proud Nana, thank you so much. I know you suffered through such a loss recently yourself.

    2. I’m terribly sorry to hear that. I know how painful it is to lose a pet when you know it’s coming, let alone when it takes you completely by surprise.

    3. Oh that sucks. I’m sorry Lil. That happened to one of my dogs once too. Routine surgery and something just went off. Same thing, internal bleeding and then fast crash. So sorry to hear that. It’s terrible.

    4. I`m so sorry Belle. Oh jeez how devastating for you.
      My love and prayers to you and your beloved red heeler.

  6. So wait, you’re saying there was a border barrier and that people climbed over it? (Or, in this case, were hefted over it and dropped to the other side?) And then other people also got past the barrier because the human enforcement I’m told is the 2nd step which follows the 1st step of spending $292 trillion borrowed dollars to build a barrier is easy to distract?

    I think we kind of illustrated that the problem is with the border patrol, and that the barrier is therefore irrelevant. How about we spend the $793 trillion on more personnel for enforcement, so that one position doesn’t have to be abandoned to respond to another? That seems like it’d make more sense.

    Wouldn’t fulfill a campaign promise though. Which is really the only thing that matters.

    1. Or, here’s a crazy crazy idea. How about we start removing the incentives to want to do this kind of thing in the first place. I know shut up AT you’re insane. This is conservatism. If we don’t stand for massive spending on ineffective government then what the hell DO we stand for.

      1. “So wait, you’re saying there was a border barrier and that people climbed over it? ”
        Let’s see them do that with the wall Israel has. We already gave them 5.8 billion that should’ve remained here and used for border security.

        “How about we start removing the incentives to want to do this kind of thing in the first place. I know shut up AT you’re insane.”
        No you’re not. However, getting the dems to vote on fewer entitlements, let alone the 3/4 of repubs who are RINOs, will never happen. They have a vested interest in bringing these people here, why would they want to remove that incentive? If you think it’s possible, let me challenge you with this: Name 5 government entitlements that have been taken away after they were given.

    2. Yep! The Wall!!!? I think we’re set, or already have, removed troops from the border. So, WTH? This is either a matter of defending this country from invaders or not. I think we move the White House and Congress down along the border. Might make a difference if the DC elites had to put up with this.

    3. I think we kind of illustrated that the problem is with the border patrol, and that the barrier is therefore irrelevant.

      That doesn’t follow. What is demonstrated is that the barrier is insufficient by itself, not that it’s irrelevant or useless.

      Would the border patrol have found it easier to prevent these people from crossing if there were no barrier?

      Obviously not. They wouldn’t have even had to resort to using children as a diversion.

      The fact that they did use this as a diversion shows they had to work harder to cross over the barrier. It actually does the opposite of proving that the barrier is irrelevant.

      1. But the barrier wasn’t insufficient by itself. It was insufficient despite having people on the barrier to monitor it, who are apparently easily distracted by falling children. They could have prevented these people from crossing by having double the manpower – to go deal with the falling children AND to not abandon the place they’re monitoring.

        And, of course, we have to question why this is an issue at all in the first place. WHY do these people sneak across the border? It’s like we’ve just accepted that they’re gunna and make no effort to create disincentive for that.

        1. I have to give you a thumbs down on this one AT. The barrier at this location is an eight foot medal panel. The current barrier going up now in San Ysidro is approx. 30ft high and very difficult to get over in comparison.

          You’re not wrong that more personnel would help, but it would require doubling or tripling at a minimum and that would cost a lot of more money over time. Plus the reality that it is a multiple-factor solution. Improved barrier, increased technology/patrol personnel, and elimination of incentives. The elimination of incentives alone would likely pay for the first two.

          1. I don’t have the upvotes/downvotes on (because I think they’re stupid), so I don’t even notice. So, no worries – you’re allowed to disagree. It’s what makes for healthy conversation.

            That said, I think the elimination of incentives would make the other two redundant. When you leave the cheese on the counter, the rats will come for it. You can lay down traps and block their entrances, but if there’s free cheese they WILL find their way to it. If you simply put the cheese away, they’ll go looking elsewhere for it.

            1. Until then? American businesses are guilty of hiring them. American citizens give them housing. American citizens vote for politicians who give them sanctuary. American citizens voted for Congress members who looked the other way for 30+ years.

              It sucks that we have to foot the bill of a fence etc until Congress starts enforcing the laws and eliminates loopholes and incentive laws, but it is partly “our” fault.

              1. American businesses. American citizens. American votes.

                Starting to see a theme there yet? Why would you expect a Congress to enforce laws, when the American people won’t elect one that will?

  7. Betcha the drug cartels use this same tactic.
    A buddy of mine was in New Mexico hunting, on a ranch close to the boarder, and seen a group of smuggler’s With large backpacks, and rifle’s, he told the guide about incident. The problems down there are REAL.

      1. No he didn’t, but he said it was much more of an adrenaline rush seeing the Smugglers then an Elk. He said no more NM hunts, he goes to Colorado now.

        1. @john-henry Imagine the rush if they shot at him! “Nothing in life is as exhilarating as being shot at without result. – Winston Churchill

  8. I’d get banned if I said what I wanted to say about those who use children to sneak into our Country illegally and the idiots in Congress who sign them up to vote. :shutmouth: :shutmouth: :shutmouth:

    1. You are so right, Nana. Just watching that video of that scumbag callously dropping those little girls over the fence made my skin boil…..

      1. Oh, it wasn’t so callous. He did make sure to drop them where it was a bit less rocky and dangerous. /s

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