WATCH: CBS 60 minutes takes Secy Pompeo woefully out of context, gets slammed by State Dept Spox

On the same day as NBC’s Meet the Press and Chuck Todd took AG Barr out of context, CBS’s 60 Minutes did the very same thing to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, claiming Pompeo was pushing a debunked theory that the Wuhan virus was manmade despite the administration claiming otherwise.

But first, before we delve into the 60 minutes piece, I want you to rewatch a snippet from Pompeo’s interview from last Sunday where he was asked about the virus being manmade (It’s cued up to 5:51):

Clearly when Pompeo first answered the question about the virus being manmade, he misspoke. When Raddatz read to Pompeo the ODNI’s statement that the virus was not manmade, Pompeo said he agreed with their statement and had no reason to believe it was inaccurate. Raddatz, understanding that Pompeo probably misspoke the first time, sought to clarify one more time that Pompeo didn’t believe it was manmade. He answered the same way, saying he had no reason to believe they had it wrong.

Now, watch how 60 minutes takes Pompeo woefully out of context (it’s cued up to 8:21):

Scott Pelley, the narrator of the segment, uses the portion of the interview where Pompeo misspoke to claim he was pushing a debunked theory of the virus being manmade. Then, when Pompeo said he agreed with the ODNI statement that the virus was no manmade, Pelley claimed Pompeo was trying to have it both ways.

The segment was so egregious that the spox for the State Department slammed 60 minutes for their false portrayal of Pompeo’s comments:

There was no real need for his comments from last Wednesday. To any fair minded person watching the prior interview, it was clear that Pompeo misspoke and didn’t realize it and that, upon clarification, he did agree with the ODNI assessment that it wasn’t manmade. It was intentional and egregious and Scott Pelley should be fired.

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