WATCH: Children TERRIFIED they may never even grow up, thanks to climate hysteria

The so-called “#ClimateStrike” demonstrations that took place across the world on Friday should, as the participants insist, be seen as a wake-up call. We should all open our eyes over this outpouring.

But not about impending Armageddon. We should be opening our eyes to the rampant child abuse that progressives mete out every day of the week, both to their own kids and to yours and mine via school, the internet, and mass media.

This child is so petrified she’s in tears.

Kids aren’t being taught the science of climate. They’re not reading mean temperature data or studying methodology of data collection. Nothing scientific. They’re being indoctrinated into a doomsday cult that says the world will LITERALLY END if they don’t convince everyone to become communists.

That’s barely an exaggeration. The groups behind the children demonstrating, including ringleader Thurnberg, have a very, very, VERY radical agenda that has zero to do with science and everything to do with the made-up concept of “social justice”. They call it “climate justice” and it’s what this is all about. Anything but the science.

So how are they working to get that so-called “climate justice?” By terrifying schoolkids. And, it seems, feeding them talking points to read off of their (carbon guilty) phones to politicians. They indoctrinate them, then they program them, then they send them out to execute commands.

Grabien posted two video montages from the last couple of days that demonstrate it.

As a child, I should not have to worry about my future. But my future is in jeopardy. All of our futures are in jeopardy. Your children’s futures are in jeopardy. We have only 11 years to rectify decades of damage that we have inflicted on our planet. And only 18 months until some damages are irreversible. We no longer have the luxury of time. We do not have the luxury of gradual change. We are in the midst of a global emergency. And we must act fast if we want to survive.”

It is despicable how they are ruining the lives of these children for their own political gain.

It’s not just the kids on stage.

Watch this clip. It’s insane.

Read more from Grabien’s consumer site here, or as I mentioned earlier, check out the photos and videos from the Climate Strike on social media. You’ll be terrified, too. About what’s happening to kids.

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