WATCH: Chinese whistleblower tells Tucker China intentionally created this virus and she has proof

Tucker Carlson had on his show a Chinese whistleblower who argues that China intentionally created this virus and that it was man made and not from nature:

Dr. Li-Meng Yan says she worked in the WHO reference lab in Hong Kong which she says is the top coronavirus lab in the world and that she received secret intelligence from people in China as well as from her own network in the country. And she says without hesitation it was created in a lab.

She described it as a frankenstein kind of virus and suggested it’s impossible to get something like this from nature and this is all present in the genome. Tucker then asked if all of this is present in the genome and many scientists around the world have this genome, why wouldn’t they say anything about this if it’s true. She said the silence is due to the suppression by the Chinese government and added that friends of the Chinese don’t want to say anything.

Yan has and is publishing proof of her allegations but just today Twitter suspended her account brand new account, which Tucker mentioned in the interview. I know you’re shocked, SHOCKED that Twitter would do something like this. But while they may have silenced her account, her first paper is still published and accessible here.

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