WATCH: Chris Cuomo interviews California Restaurant owner who banned masks and it gets UGLY

CNN’S Chris Cuomo had a restaurant owner, Tony Roman, on last night from Huntington, California who bans masks in his restaurant and says he only wants to serve unvaccinated customers. As you can imagine, it didn’t take long for the somewhat short interview to get ugly and it ended with each man insulting the other.


Roman had his guns loaded from the start and refused to take any guff from Cuomo, bringing up both Cuomo’s own hypocrisy of being unquarantined when he had COVID and bringing up his gov brother multiple times. That’s really how the interview went until it devolved into insults and Cuomo ended the interview.

But Roman’s point to Cuomo is that he doesn’t get it. Roman said his policy isn’t anti-vaccine, but rather pro-freedom. He said it’s also not political either, just pro-freedom. I wish he’d have elaborated a bit more on it in the interview, but what Roman has said in the past is that he’s gone on offense against these heavy-handed COVID policies being handed down from his governor. If the governor shuts everything down, he stays open. If the governor mandates masks, he bans them. And now, against the suggestion by Newsom that people must be vaccinated, he’s saying he only wants to serve the unvaccinated in his restaurant by putting a sign up on the front door that says “proof of being unvaccinated required”.

Roman is clearly against these totalitarian moves by the governor and is sticking it to him by offsetting everything he can in his restaurant.

I honestly found the interview rather comical because, just like Roman is with the governor, he wasn’t going to allow Cuomo to give him grief. Watch it and see what you think.

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