Watch: Chris Wallace practically BEGS Breyer to retire and SAVE court from REPUBLICAN picks, FOOL

Chris Wallace spoke with Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer on Sunday and, in the interest of liberal democrat interests, pressed and pressed and pressed him on why he won’t just go ahead and RETIRE so he doesn’t end up dying during a Republican presidency.

It was slightly more carefully worded than that (very slightly) but that’s what he said. You’re old, you’re probably gonna die, shouldn’t you retire now so it doesn’t happen when there’s a Republican?

In short, and citing Scalia, Wallace said only a FOOL would stick around and ruin it for everyone else, and you’re not a FOOL are you, Breyer?

(Not for nothing but I bet John Roberts pushes Breyer to retire for the same reason. That guy worships the “divided” court and cannot stomach the thought of another Republican appointment. Which doesn’t make much sense, since he was a Republican appointment and is utterly useless to conservative jurisprudence.)

They want to pack the court, remake the court, and will do whatever they can to strongarm the existing justices. The left (and Wallace) don’t care about the objectivity of the court or the preservation of the constitution. It’s just another place to legislate left wing ideology.

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