WATCH: Christian preacher interrupts Drag Queen Story Time, drops some TRUTH on parents and children!

I don’t know where this occurred (UPDATE: I think it might be in Ottawa) but it’s pretty awesome. A street preacher named Dorre Love interrupts a drag queen story time to tell them the truth that they need to hear:

The volume cuts out in the very beginning but it picks back up at the one minute mark when the song is over. My guess is that Dorre doesn’t want to give any songmaker an excuse to have the video pulled.

Watch the video for yourself, but Love isn’t bashful in the slightest about confronting them about their sin. They don’t like it and don’t want to hear it but he persists much longer than I would have predicted.

I don’t know how effective this style of confrontation is and it’s certainly not what I would have done. But given the heinousness of the event with those little children, it was certainly appropriate for them to hear the truth. And who knows, maybe God will use it one day to bring them to repentance.

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92 thoughts on “WATCH: Christian preacher interrupts Drag Queen Story Time, drops some TRUTH on parents and children!

  1. Sorry, these people have serious mental issues. They are right out there pushing it on children….it’s sick, it’s child abuse, and someone might want to check and see if they own guns…I mean if it’s mental health they are concerned with, start with the nut jobs who show it in front of the world everyday…

  2. sad how freaked out the lady and parents got when he started preaching- it sounded like demonic aversion to the truth really- He says the word ‘whore’ and they freak out saying he can’t talk like that in front of kids- yet apparently it’s ok for the mentally sick man to dress like a whore in front of the kids

    1. He asked at one time if a woman was dressed that way would it be a problem. Yeah- it’s a library, and an event for little kids. I’d have never taken my child to see someone dressed like that period.

  3. Not one of the people heard a single word this preacher said. I admire his courage but sadly all it accomplished was for them to dig their heels in and argue with him, more convinced than ever that they are right.

    How sick and sad these pathetic creatures are. Those poor children.

    1. It’s SOOO heartbreaking to watch those children being exposed to this filth! Maybe, just maybe someone in that room will think about that preacher’s words & will come to know the Lord. I believe that could happen.

    2. But, the truth needs to be told to them whether they accept it or not. For, as Christians, if we don’t warn these people, we have to answer to God. after we do our part, then it’s up to them to do their part.

  4. Watching it prancer around in the dress is absolutely sick congratulations sir for trying to talk to this warped hideous creature .

  5. The drag queen was really taken aback when the preacher called out its confused lifestyle.
    It REALLY said “I have a confused lifestyle!?”

    Really, good job American media pop culture. Now all the confused sexual deviants really believe they’re not confused.

    Obviously since that step’s out of the way the next item on the cultural degeneration agenda is pedophilia normalization, given the bizarre effort to expose children to scantily clad shemales and the like.

  6. They’re blinded by the light of the truth right now, but the seeds were planted. We need to pray that the truth will prick their consciences enough that their hearts will soften. I’m not sure how effective confrontational preaching is, and it’s not my style, but he gave the truth and told of the love of God.

    My Bible study teacher tonight talked about how everyone who comes to Christ had at one time heard the gospel- so keep these people in prayers that they won’t remain blind in the darkness.

    1. (Hebrews 4:12) “For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.”
      (Romans 10:17) “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.”
      (Revelation 19:13) “And he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and his name is called The Word of God.”

  7. What I see here and hear is common decency fed up and a deep faith that comes billowing out. His thoughts were coming fast into Dorre’s mind. I see God’s hand in this. From talking with many others about this subject, I’ve found no one who believes trans-whatever to be Godly. And they all believe subjecting children to this is child abuse. IMO, this is heresy and child abuse.

    A deeper problem is how the sociopath child psychs are attempting (and in some cases, succeeding) to poison parents’ minds and put children through hell with their “treatments”. It’s perversion gone overboard and Texas courts (now blue) are going along with it.

    God speed his Blessings and Word to all believers so they may speak like Dorre to the lost with a straightforward and steady stream of the Word of the Trinity.

  8. The front-runner democrat presidential candidate when asked said that there are at least 3 genders. I wonder if Biden is on board with this. He has some explaining to do.

  9. Dorre is a street preacher in Toronto who has been arrested for preaching the Word on more than one occasion, I believe. You can also watch him on YouTube at the URL below (and others, as well.

  10. IMO, this only makes the preacher sound like a fanatic. I’ve seen and heard enough fire and brimstone to last me a lifetime. Besides, there are better ways to fight this. All it takes is for parents to put a stop to it. This guy didn’t accomplish a thing.

    1. What about the children? They’re brought their without their consent by parents who think it’s just great.

    2. But the parents here are NOT stopping it. They brought their children to this and are clapping along and showing their kids they think this is a great thing.

      I’m not saying this preacher had the best tactic for these people. I honestly don’t know. Some people need to hear that they’re sinning before they can be saved. Only God knows if this is something He sent this man to do.

      Somehow parents and people in our general culture need to wake up. I’m not sure how that happens. Every time we think “it can’t get any worse”, it does.

      I think we are seriously in Romans 1:18-32 territory. People have given themselves over to depraved ideas and have no ability to judge right from wrong.

    3. He didn’t sound like a fanatic. Jesus confronted the money changers in the Temple by using a whip & overturning the tables. He spoke boldly saying, “You’re making my Father’s house a den of thieves.” Did Jesus sound fanatical?

  11. “They’re coming here willingly.”

    Yea, just like the kid gets in the back of the van that says Free Candy and Puppies willingly.

  12. The guy in drag was saying to deal with him and not bring it on the other people there. The other people there are the ones giving these weirdos a platform and legitimacy. They are part of the problem.

    I don’t think that was the right way to handle it because it didn’t accomplish anything. No one listened and it was just confrontation. I don’t think it’s ever effective to get in someone’s face and preach to them.

    1. It’s good for people to be exposed to something outside their bubble. At thi point, we don’t know if it was effective or not. Sometimes it takes time.

    2. I felt the power of his words to be stronger than their words, because it’s the Word of God. We Christians have a duty to tell these people the truth according to God ‘s Word. If we don’t, we have to answer to God, or we’re in danger of hellfire.

  13. I agree with the minister when he said that parents that bring their children to transgender story hour are committing child abuse. They are knowingly exposing them to perverts.

  14. The majority of the parents in the room are freakish misfits who pro created. Sad for the children who will be influenced by people lacking in self respect. This is not normal no matter how many times it is said and shoved in our faces.

  15. The drag queen is dressed like a stripper. Would these supposed parents allow a hetero stripper to do story time?

  16. That takes a lot of courage to do that.
    Christ said love your enemies. But he didn’t say you have to love what they do.

  17. AWESOME! THIS WORLD NEEDS MORE MINISTERS SPEAKING BOLDLY…this is just like scripture when the apostles preached and were killed for spreading our Father’s Word. AMEN!!

    I also just read this from Larry Elder….TRUTH SHALL PREVAIL!!!
    A man I have known since grade school changed his name, years ago, to an Arabic one. He told me he rejected Christianity as “the white man’s religion that justified slavery.” He argued Africans taken out of that continent were owed reparations. “From whom?” I asked. Arab slavers took more Africans out of Africa and transported them to the Middle East and to South America than European slavers took out of Africa and brought to North America. Arab slavers began taking slaves out of Africa beginning in the ninth century — centuries before the European slave trade — and continued well after. In Prisons & Slavery, John Dewar Gleissner writes: “The Arabs’ treatment of black Africans can aptly be termed an African Holocaust. Arabs killed more…

    1. Excellent piece! But then again it’s by Larry Elder who is awesome. He’s absolutely right. Africa has MUCH to be held accountable for and the Arabs even more. Many blacks in this country are completely ignorant of not only their own history but of the history of this country (heck, let’s just say the whole world) as well. Long before the first African slaves set foot in North America whites were being shipped here as slaves and even continued after blacks came here. Even though the slaves were given dubious titles such as “bond servant” they literally were treated as slaves because many of the holders of their bonds refused to honor the bond “contract”. Very few survived and even fewer actually received freedom after their bond expired. A great many of them were small children who were kidnapped off the streets of English towns and cities. It was how they dealt with their “surplus” population and what they deemed to be potential criminals. I hate to tell Larry Elder’s friend but technically white Northern European caucasians have been the most enslaved race ever so blacks don’t own the entire victim card. Where do they think the word “slave” even came from? From the Slavs who were and still are Northern European caucasians. They were often the preferred slaves of the Romans who practiced slavery for far more than 1,000 years. I always cringe when I see American blacks taking or being given Arabic names. Talk about slave names!!!

  18. In Thailand, attitudes are quite different. Public shows of affection are absolutely taboo, outside of the bar areas frequented by sex tourists. At the same time, I see a many women dressed like men and a few men dressed like women. They’re almost exclusively in their 20’s, but they don’t dress like $3 (or 100 baht) hookers. They dress in normal business, business casual, or casual attire.

    At the vet I use, there is a woman who wears a man’s business suit. I really wasn’t even sure if she was an effeminate male or a masculine female the first few visits. She carriers herself and acts like a business professional, not like a prostitute or bar girl. At my dentist is a much more obvious guy dressed as a woman. Again, he’s dressed in business casual attire (for females) appropriate for a dentist office.

    Gender dysphoria is a mental illness. The people need psychiatric help just as somebody who thinks they’re Napoloeon or a person who wants to cut off their arm. Aside from that though, why are most transvestites in Europe and North America obsessed with looking like whores?

    I think they deliberately want to be offensive. Simply being left alone to live in their little fantasy world (like Thais do) is not enough. They want to be provocative, in the face of others, and to compel approval. That’s a whole separate mental issue from gender dysphoria.

    1. I think they deliberately want to be offensive.

      I think yo’re 100% right. It’s an authoritarian urge as much as a sexuality/gender disorder. It’s a desire for control. To make you react.

    2. Exhibitionism sure seems to be a component of this disorder, as well as, like you said, being offensive to others. Maybe it then gives them the chance to be a ‘victim’ when others react negatively. Or maybe they’re just plain old attention hounds, and feel negative attention is better than no attention.

  19. God bless this man. Very brave to confront this evil these “adults” are perpetrating on these innocent kids.

  20. A preacher must preach the bible. If this was a church, it is the church of the false prophet. Props to the REAL preacher. Child protection services need to be called on these parents. Shame on them. It is confusing enough to be a child without the parents teaching them that they can be the sex they want to be. Next theu will be teaching them it is ok to have sex with animals. There are those in the Democrat party who are already pushing that jewel of a notion

  21. Just yesterday I saw a piece about a minister I believe calling out David French because apparently French, who is always trashing evangelical Christians for supporting Trump, was making light of Drag Queen story time and the negative effects on children and our culture. Good for this preacher for not remaining quiet and confronting not just the Drag Queen, but the parents.

  22. I agree Scoop, there needs to be some push-back / resistance to this new agenda.
    I also agree that’s not my style of “push-back,” but we need to do something peaceful yet firm HERE when larger cities push this same agenda.

    The most disturbing aspect is that they’d be having Story Time ALONE but for the FOOLISH, NAIVE parents who are bringing their children to these events.

  23. You could argue it’s not effective at all, just based on the track record of Old Testament prophets.

    And yet, God kept sending prophets….

  24. Who brings children to Drag Queen Story Hours?!?

    It was asserted on the radio that gays and lesbians are the bulk of the parents who do.

  25. The Bible says men are men, and women are women.

    Amen Preacher Dorre Love. Amen.

  26. What in the hell were those parents thinking? Honestly I can’t understand why you would subject little children to this. Older kids – past puberty maybe – because it’s a part of the world and they should know. But little kids? No. Just. No.

  27. Watching this video, one thing was made clear to me.

    The battle lines are drawn between the kingdom of God and the forces of evil. They have always been there but we have been able to ignore them at times. For instance, when debating whether or not socialism is a good or bad thing, there is room for both sides to credibly claim to be on the side of Angels. But, when watching this deviant and perverse behavior, all of our excuses to not engage melt away.

    We will not be left alone by those who have sold out to the forces of evil. They demand our silence, our wealth, our means of self protection, and now even our children’s purity.

    And the more vile the behavior, the more obvious that the Apostle Paul was right when he wrote “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood.” (Ephesians 6:12)

  28. Other than the drag queen, I didnt see one Male in there. Sad little beta males.(except the preacher and his friend)

  29. 11Put on the full armor of God, so that you can make your stand against the devil’s schemes. 12For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this world’s darkness, and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Ephesians 6:11-12

    1. Compare that verse to the KJV, same verse.
      You’ll find the term “spiritual wickedness in high places”… which makes a lot more sense when you consider things like former Pres.Clinton’s speech for his wife. He said, “she calls on Eleanor Roosevelt”. Note the present tense, that is deliberate. He used the present tense. The Bible is quite clear that we are not to attempt to contact the dead. (There are many other examples of leaders who practiced occultism, in various forms. Ch.Hitler was known to be highly superstitious, not a sign of a healthy spiritual life.)

  30. Wow – we should all be so bold. It’s because we aren’t – it’s because we have hidden in our homes and churches – it’s because we haven’t lived the gospel in our own lives that we see the world decaying right before our very eyes. I always reflect on approximately 30 years ago when I joined with Operation Rescue to sit in front of abortion clinics to save babies scheduled to die. It was such a large, prayerful movement that I was sure the church would wake from its slumber. But it never did. Eventually the remnant was put down – punished harshly – and the movement disbanded. And now where are we today? Abortion through all nine months and infanticide after birth. God gave us a window of time but the church didn’t respond. We are being given that window again but I doubt many will listen.

  31. Good for that preacher! Love that he knows the Word of God and preaches it so boldly! Praise the Lord!!!

  32. Cathartic, at least, when I listened to it. I was wondering how I could argue as a Jew for the same things Love was. My best idea would just be to blow a shofur. BOOOOOOM.

  33. This guy has stones of titanium! Good for him, I hope he created at least a little reflection in these people, maybe mixed with a little fear. What kind of “parent” drags little kids to these obscene events? They should all be charged with child abuse and child neglect.

  34. You sure this guy’s name is Dorre Love and not “Duke Nukem”? Cause he’s got “balls of steel”! I love how all of the “parents” are more concerned with him saying “whore” then with a degenerate dressed in drag sexualizing their children.

    That said, a lot of the supporters of the video on Youtube are Neonazis. Yeaahhh… Not a good sign.

  35. He is braver than I am.

    Also, the most loving thing he could do for the drag queen is to confront him with the truth. It’s not just protecting innocent children, it’s also confronting adults who are awash in sin. Maybe they will come to know God.

  36. He didn’t back down, equivocate, or apologize for the message he was delivering. True love and courage.

  37. If it was the other way around, there would be people attacking the preacher. At least he just stood there and talked

  38. He was bold but his message was too abrasive to be acceptable. But perhaps it’s the only way to initiate to this group? Hopefully, another will come with a more loving approach to the drag queen and the adults there. I think the righteous indignation was maybe appropriate to get the kid’s attention. With that said, I don’t know how effective this will end up being in the end, because the kids were having a good time and then were being seemingly scolded by some stranger. I don’t know what long term impression that will leave on them.

    This is the challenge of our time. How can Christians not lose ground to this LGBT movement that has swept the culture in the US like a storm? Their influence in the culture is growing and seems like it will surpass that of Christianity not too long from now. And this is from a group that is a very small sub-sect of our society but their influence is massive!

    I think Christians needs to be more effective than rude/abrasive with the gospel to counter this group’s influence on the culture. If not, then they will eventually be the one’s shouting us out of our places of worship in revenge for the times they were persecuted. We are living in the end days!

  39. Dorre Love is awesome!! He is one of the few that I’ve ever seen stand up to these sick, demented people. He’s a hero. His style may not be for everyone but when you walk into a room full of liberals you have be aggressive. He wasn’t violent like they usually are, just loud trying to get his point across. These idiots are destroying children’s minds so he was rightfully angry, loud and passionate. God Bless him. We need more like him.

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