WATCH: Chuck Grassley suggests CIA Director Gina Haspel may be part of coup to take down Trump

Chuck Grassley has been trying to get remaining Russiagate documents from CIA Director Gina Haspel, but she’s been stonewalling and refusing to comply. Grassley suggested this morning that Haspel could be protecting herself because she’s part of the coup to take down Trump:

I’ve got it cued up to where the conversation turns to Russiagate:

But here’s what Grassley had to say specifically about Haspel:

BARTIROMO: And Gina Haspel, blowing you off, why? Who is she protecting?

GRASSLEY: The bottom line of it is that Brennan is the biggest guy, but I think there’s something in the emails….that may be have her name in it and that she could be part of this conspiracy as well.

This is informed speculation on Grassley’s part, but what else could explain such stonewalling other than she thinks it might help Trump win?

Whatever the reason, you can believe that at least two people are going to get the boot as soon as the election is decided: Haspel and Wray.

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