WATCH: CIA employee admits how they set people up in new undercover video, like Alex Jones…

A CIA and former FBI employee dished about how the agency sets people up to get in trouble so that they can put them in jail. Or use another method to get them like they did with Alex Jones, encouraging a civil lawsuit to take away his money.

Gavin O’Blennis talked about how the agency will post something on social media that they know will trigger someone that they are investigating, someone they already know everything about.

Below is the post and video from South Investigations:

CIA Officer/Former FBI Boasts “Can Put Anyone in Jail…Set ’Em Up!” “We Call It a Nudge”

FBI “Did What We Wanted” with Alex Jones @RealAlexJones “Took His Money Away” “Chop His Legs Off”

Estimates 20 Undercover FBI Agents at J6, Works with Some of Them Now at CIA

FBI Uses “Embellished” News, “Fake Social Media” to “Really Get People Mad”

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