WATCH: Climate ‘official’ says gov’t has to ‘TURN the SCREWS’ to ‘BREAK the WILL’ of average Americans over emissions

David Ismay, Massachusetts Undersecretary for Climate Change (which is a real job if you can believe it) said in a video conference that it’s time to “break the will” of everyday drivers and homeowners over climate change.

He was arguing that they’d already cracked the spines of business and government, and that it just isn’t good enough, so it’s time to crush everyday Americans.

“I know one thing that we found in our analysis is that 60% of our emissions come from – as I have it started to say you and me, except you guys are in Vermont – 60% of our emissions come from residential heating and passenger vehicles. Let me say that again: 60% of our emissions that need to be reduced come from you, the person on your street, the senior on fixed-income,” he said.

“Right now there is no bad guy left, at least in Massachusetts, to point the finger at and turn the screws on and now break their will so they stop emitting,” he said, meaning there were no big offenders left to blame. Then he said who the next target is. The new bad guy. “That’s you. We have to break your will.”

Come on man. Seriously?

“I can’t even say that publicly,” he added. Yeah do you think not, pal? Well too bad because it’s public now.

Daily Wire’s Ashe Schow has more.

The clip was posted by the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance, who cut the video clip mid-sentence when Ismay says he can’t publicly say what he had just said. MFA issued its own criticism of Ismay’s comments.

“It’s frightening to think an official so high up in the Baker administration is bragging to an out-of-state group about the economic pain he wants to inflict on the very people who he’s supposed to work for,” Paul Craney, a spokesman MFA, told Commonwealth Magazine. “Remarks like this have no place in state government. Ismay should be dismissed from his position in state government, as he’s clearly demonstrated he does not have the best interests of the residents of Massachusetts at heart.”

Schow also has the feeble excuse-making from the Governor.

Yesterday at The Spectator, Stephen Miller asked “Are you ready for the climate lockdowns?” and said it’s “It’s only a matter of time” until it happens.

As the global climate elite push eating bugs and staying home to save the Earth on the masses, it’s worth posing the question: what will be adequate? With the Global Economic Forum in Davos approaching in April, we’re going to start hearing terms such ‘Climate Equity’ and ‘Climate Reset’ (a play on the WEF’s Great Reset) more frequently. We’ll probably also start to hear calls for climate lockdowns. I know, right now that sounds completely preposterous, but don’t these kooky ideas always find a way to bleed into the mainstream? Fifteen Days to Slow the Sun!

The possibility of climate lockdowns is already being floated by some of our greatest thinkers. They see a confluence of global crises as an opportunity. The perfect storm caused by COVID-19 and the resulting global economic meltdown offers a chance to take what they see as bold and dramatic action to save the planet. The Biden administration will certainly use the consequences of COVID to push through some green legislation, but just as before, it will not be enough in the eyes of progressives. There must always be more.

Sounds about right. That would sure “put the screws” to us and try to break our will, wouldn’t it?

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