WATCH: CNN Acosta hits Trump with OBNOXIOUS questions when back from his walk to St John’s Church

Yesterday President Trump walked to the 200 year-old St John’s Church after it had been set on fire during the riots this weekend in DC.

In order for him to make this walk, which was really a statement of resolve against the rioters who are plaguing the country right now, the secret service and military police had to move protesters out of the way. They ended up having to use tear gas on the protesters to get them to move.

When Trump got back from his walk to St. John’s, he was then peppered with these absolutely obnoxious questions by CNN’s including Jim Acosta:

Acosta asked how the president could defend clearing out a park for a ‘photo opportunity’. I believe ABC’s Jon Karl was also asking Trump about the protesters who were tear gassed so Trump could take his walk to St. John’s, but I couldn’t make out the very beginning of his question. It sounded almost as contemptuous as Acosta’s question if I heard it right.

Acosta’s last question was the worst though, with him yelling out “Is this still a democracy?”. What an absolute putz. First of all, America is not a democracy, it’s a representative republic. But clearly, Acosta was making reference the same absurd notion that Don Lemon said yesterday on-the-air, that America is ‘teetering on a dictatorship’.

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