WATCH: CNN guest MELTS DOWN at Rich Lowry defending terrorism-supporting group that sponsored Tlaib, Omar trip to Israel

Peter Beinart, who we’ve covered here before, is an apologist for all things Palestinian. Today he melted down in a discussion with Rich Lowry, defending this terrorism-supporting group called Miftah that was the sponsor for Tlaib and Omar’s trip to Israel.

You should watch the full clip (which is really only 2:31 seconds) to see Beinart lose it, but essentially Lowry is arguing that Miftah is a terrible group because they support terrorism against Israel and have been outspoken about it. Beinart, on the other hand, is defending the organization by playing down their support for terrorism and playing up what he feels is the good things they do for the Palestinian people.

My favorite part was when Lowry hit Beinart with “would this your standard for white nationalist organizations?” That was a great response because we all know if any Republican was sponsored by a white nationalist organization for a trip to anywhere, and this same group also did solid humanitarian relief work for white people, Democrats and the media would lose their…um…you know. They would lose it and lose it hard.

Yet Beinart can give an anti-Semitic terrorism-supporting group a pass and everyone (except Rich Lowry) just sighs and moves on.

Watch the Newsbusters video for more…

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