WATCH: CNN reporter tries to convince 8 Republican women that Trump’s tweets were racist, but they were having NONE of that…

CNN reporter Randi Kaye tries very hard to convince these eight Republican women that Trump’s tweets to The Squad were racist, but they are having none of that:

None of these Republican women see any racism in Trump’s tweets at all. Or in Trump himself. But that doesn’t stop Randi Kaye from trying to convince them. She even reads the dictionary definition of racism, but they all reject it.

You really should watch the entire video as there are numerous parts you will enjoy, but the part that I thought was awesome was when one of the women actually started pushing back against the reporter asking the questions, suggesting that she was accusing Trump and them of racism.

In the end he women all say that they plan to vote for Trump in 2020 and, from the looks of it, they will do so eagerly.

Watch the video for more…

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174 thoughts on “WATCH: CNN reporter tries to convince 8 Republican women that Trump’s tweets were racist, but they were having NONE of that…

        1. Long time TRS commenter, but makes few comments. I’m sure from the comment history, he/she simply forgot the comma.

          1. I didn’t mean anything personal about the commenter, Lillie. I just thought Scoop’s reply was funny and I was reacting to that, nothing more. There was a famous book with that title…

            1. I didn’t mean to infer anything negative from you. The commenter’s name rang a bell with me and I went to check out the history and just wanted to share what I found. We have a lot of new faces since moving back to DISCUS and I’m finding myself checking history quite a lot. Have a great day, nc. My apologies for the misunderstanding.

  1. But they’re all white so it’s meant to show that THEY are all racist.

      1. Oh really?? Since when has that stopped Leftists from labeling someone as white? You’ve got one lady out of eight whose tan isn’t quite dark enough. So they’re ALL white. Do you not know how these people work?

  2. These ladies were absolutely awesome and makes me very proud to live here in Dallas, TX! I really enjoyed their boldness, conviction, and calling out the interviewer for asking loaded and accusatory questions. Thanks for sharing the video, it was very encouraging. Now, if we can just get the Dallas Cowboys to start playing better football.

  3. Need to sneak Republican and Independent women into the audience of shows like the View, when those women on stage start up their rants, boo them.

  4. CNN is stating it as fact which is hostile from the start towards those women. CNN should have brought in liberals who will lie and say they are Republicans if they wanted to get the answers they were looking for, which is orange man bad and orange man racist.

  5. The reporter tried passing it off as just a question. It was obviously a lot more than that. She was leading them and wouldn’t accept their answers, even going so far as reading them the definition. Then she topped it off with (paraphrased) “you think it’s a coincidence that none of the women are white?”

    I can’t believe she had the gull to claim she was just asking the question. She repeatedly tried telling them they were wrong by trying to force them to answer in a way she agreed with.

          1. That’s the entire purpose for marginalizing us. If they turn us into racists and bigots they’re above us and no one should listen to us.

    1. It’s absolutely not a coincidence that none of the jihad squad are white. It was supposed to be the winning strategy, but our side is finally hip to the old BS. Proud that our ladies nipped that racist false premise in the bud.

    2. This reporter will go back to her New York cocktail parties and tell her buddies “Have I got a tale for YOU! You’re never gonna believe the rubes I met in Texas!”

  6. CNN Reporter: “But maybe you didn’t understand the question. Don’t you agree that Trump is a racist? Here, you are obviously so stupid you don’t know what the word means, so I’ll give you the definition. What? You still don’t agree? ALL OF YOU??? What’s wrong with you people? Cut their mics!”

    1. I thought the exact same thing. After she read the definition, I was left trying to figure out how it helped move the conversation or her argument forward. Did she think there were going to be some magical words in the dictionary definition that would skew the meaning of the word racist to mean something other than what is generally accepted as the meaning to the average thinking human being? The pure arrogance of that tactic pissed me off and I am certain most everyone else that thinks the media sucks already and confirms why CNN’s ratings have plummeted into the toilet.

  7. The boy has cried “racist” one too many times….

    Suck it leftists. We’re not scared of your insults and hideous accusations anymore.

    1. It’s great, isn’t it?!

      And the Dems don’t know what to do. They either have to go harder, or accept that their own party can’t stand the “squad” and thell the children to sit down and let the grown-ups (if they’re still within that party) as evidenced by the DNCs own polling that was leaked this past weekend.

      1. President Trump has pushed them to total mental breakdown. The mask is slipping, and the hidden totalitarian is starting to show. The same with China.

  8. The best part of this clip is the way it shows that the “r” word – racist – has been so overplayed that it doesn’t scare any of these ladies anymore. A big time CNN reporter is accusing them of taking a racist position on camera, and they are not taking it, not at all. No apologies, no qualifications. Love it!

    1. Exactly, they use that word so often that it really has lost its impact. Plus, I think we’re at the point we just don’t care what they call us anymore. They’re going to call us every ist and phobe in the book anyways. So, so be it.

  9. Here’s what the left, I hope will one day understand. As a general rule, we conservatives DON’T SEE SKIN COLOR…NOR DO WE GIVE A CRAP!!! It’s irrelevant. All we do is attack your facts & your positions. Those ladies were absolutely right about Trump not invoking race at all. The only ones doing that for gain are the Democrats. Today’s talking point, as shown plain as day in that video is “Well he MUST have implied race because the “squad” are all “minorities”. Not only do the tweets not say anything about race, it’s the leftist trying to make it about that. Could Trump’s tweets have been worded better, sure. Think we could agree on that. But the only one playing the race game is the Dems because they think it will hurt Trump. It’s not. They’ve cried wolf (racism) for so long now, that it no longer works…and thank God for that.

    Like I said earlier, I hope they’ll one day understand, but I fear with the way the Dems are going, it’s only going to get worse before it gets better.

  10. So tired of these mental lightweight “journalists” looking down on anyone that disagrees with them. I am even more tired of needing to justify why me, those that believe similarly to me, or people I support politically are not racists, especially when it is clear they have not said or done anything to warrant such an accusation. The same goes for anyone attempting to label their opponent in a debate as a Nazi or Hitler to win the argument. If you use these tactics to further your political agenda, then as far as I am concerned, you have already lost and I want to extend the biggest F YOU to that person or group of people. Ben Shapiro is absolutely correct. If someone falsely levels racist accusations against you, the proper response is not to retreat and defend your character. The proper response is to label them the A Hole they truly are.

  11. Can we stop using the language and words that morons use for themselves? “The Squad”? forget that garbage. They are a bunch of anti-american dumpster fires. The left has used language to hurt us and hurt the country for a long time. Don’t support their efforts by using their terms that they come up with to elevate themselves.

  12. Can we find all those clips of Dems saying “we’re the only 1st world country without x, we need to be more like Sweden, Denmark, Canada, the UK, etc. I’m moving to Canada if Trump’s elected, not my president!, no borders no wall no USA at all! and all the flag burning kneeling, tearing down statues etc.” and make a big super-cut of all the anti-Americanism from the democrat party? then at the end have that clip of Reagan saying “If we lose freedom here there’s no place to escape to, this is the last stand on Earth.”

  13. Men and women from all walks of life are tired of the Left and their stupid antics. I am chomping at the bit to go vote for Trump in 2020.

  14. Since the overuse of racist has caused it to lose its bite, the left should come up with a new word with more impact, like racistphobic.

  15. I thought the Democrats had learned their lesson in 2016… IDENTITY POLITICS was neutered by Trump. It seems that they’re trying to play the race/gender card again ahead of the 2020 election. It will backfire…

    Thanks to Trump’s spine, the word “racist” no longer makes Republicans hide under their desk… not only that, the anti-Semitic, anti-American, and anti-Israel commentary by the “squad” (Four Women of the Apocalypse) has many Americans angry. To top it all off, the Governor of VA hasn’t resigned.

    1. Yeah, maybe it’ll backfire this time, but what happens when the pendulum swings back to the left? 0 was able to accomplish much to damage the country, the repercussions of which will be felt long into the future. Tromp’s win isn’t a permanent victory for us.

          1. Tyranny usually arises slowly, with a ratcheting effect over time. But liberty comes quickly, as with the throwing off of chains and dictators, or fleeing a homeland to a new frontier.

            I suspect we’ll see some chains-throwing soon.

        1. When you consider that Tromp won the primary over at least one more demonstrably conservative candidate and lost the popular vote, I have no faith in the electorate bringing the country to the right. I think that the term right-tyranny is contradictory according to my definition of right.

          1. I think the radical nature of the modern democrat party will be an albatross around their neck for maybe a decade or so. The problem is these colleges are churning out SJWs who have no sense of self or reality. They take a talking point from their leaders and become so enraged by it they lose their minds. It’s not that deep inside they really care. The modern youth is more nihilistic than any before it. But their leaders made an issue a talking point so they must follow with no dissection, no request for someone to elaborate, or any rational thought about it.(i.e. “free” healthcare, “free” college, etc…) And they think that because they are sooooo woke, they will be exempt from any consequences their leader’s plans entail.

          2. Like I said, it’s rare. VERY rare. And it is always as a result of the threat of left tyranny. For example the Spanish Inquisition in reaction to the Muslim invasion.

  16. Based upon the wokescold’s own dictionary definition, Tromp is not a racist. These leftists are so indoctrinated that they can’t even read. Listen to the accusatory tone of that supposed journalist. That wasn’t an interview, it was an intended ambush which failed miserably. I’m sure that every libtard that watched walked away satisfied that CNN had the upper hand.

    1. Their small audience doesn’t read or care about actual definitions. They are programmed to agree.

  17. Including the self described brown skin woman all of that whiteness that CNN showcased here out was kind of blinding. The goal was to make them all look like white supremacists.

    1. It’d be nice if someone would point out that there are in reality no “white” people. There are only shades of brown of which many Caucasian’s happen to carry the gene for the lightest. Caucasians vary in color to extremely pale cream to being darker than many of African heritage (Tuareg tribesmen for example). This divvying up people into “races” as if they are separate species is unscientific and ridiculous. There is only ONE race and that is the HUMAN RACE. But the Left specializes in being unscientific anymore so what is new, sigh.

      1. I’ve been writing similar things for two decades. Race is a phony concept. It’s as dumb as deciding that all tall people are alike.

        1. That’s probably why she slipped by the CNN strategists, her melanin content didn’t meet their standards.

  18. BTW, many truck stops have a driver’s lounge with a TV set and there are usually at least a couple drivers watching. I walked by one yesterday with CNN on and it was empty.

        1. Do you listen to Red Eye Radio? My husband is not a truck driver but when he leaves for work at 3:30 am, he loves listening to them.

        1. Jeez, in the age of cell phones and waze, truckers still use a CB?

          LOL at the “cry baby”, I hadn’t heard that one, but can imagine.

          1. Yeah, the youngsters are all on headsets or texting, mostly it’s old-timers using the radio and there’s a lot of moaning about how no one uses it anymore. Sometimes times I’ll go a day or two without hearing a thing and when I do, it scares the poop out of me.

        1. lol, our Pastor in North Fl years ago would come to church and we would all be complaining about the heat , he said you think it’s hot I just saw two lighter-knots trying to get back in the woods:) We were very rural . I miss living there , we all knew each other at our small church.

        2. Tell me about it. I was in Irving yesterday and Monday spent an hour on my back under the tractor fixing my leveler so I could make it to a mechanic.

            1. Thanks, Nana. I’ll spend most of the day in my air conditioned cab. I may take a little bike ride later, though.

            1. Holy Cow – a bug-eyed window defroster! Useful in her district in NY when the power goes out.

  19. I’m surprised that cnn didn’t try to slip a ringer into the bunch like they did last year when cammerota was asking the questions.

    cnn….if you need a good laugh, watch it.

  20. Those ladies did a pretty good job of not putting up with CNN spin.

    I would liked to have heard one of them say, “A country is not a race.”

  21. These ladies weren’t buying what CNN is selling. It would have been nice to see one of them ask her to read the definition of propaganda.

  22. When the reporter starts the “question” with “Don’t you think….”, she is suggesting that the correct answer is “yes.” There is an implicit bias in the reporter’s method of asking the question, but she is too biased to see it.

    1. You would think they would teach that in Journalism 101, but they have other, “more important” things to impart to the students.

    2. Yep, it’s like she’s trying to do a reverse Jedi mind trick. “Trump is not the president you’re looking for.” I just wish someone had told her “Don’t tell me what to think.”

    1. One would br prone to thinking that on the subject of the ravings of said witches a sh!t you do not give.

  23. I’ve been in airports four times the last three weeks. CNN is on in every airport and it’s pure Trump hate from them

    1. It’s time people start filing complaints. If fox news can be removed from televisions in gyms, cnn can be removed from airports. Just start flooding them with complaints.

    2. It’s why I carry my noise cancelling earbuds with me when I fly. Saves me from throwing my shoe at the tv.

  24. The Squad and their insane followers are moving forward with their out of control racism, bigotry, and socialist agenda.

    Moderate Dem slams ‘squad’ for threatening to primary him: ‘They’re not Democrats … they’re socialists’

      1. But “their color” is more important than anyone else’s doncha know? Ugh! All human beings are shades of brown unless they are albino and even then they are more cream color than pure white. This is nothing more on their part than elitism.

  25. Middle America has been waiting for years to tell the Socialists what we think of them and their PC crap. Donald Trump is a hero in our eyes. Can’t wait to vote in 2020.

    1. And that right there is one of the reasons I had a change of heart towards Trump. He wasn’t my first choice for president and sometimes I think he’s a bit of a loose cannon BUT that being said he’s not been afraid of facing these (lets call them what they really are) totalitarians head on even though he appears to be more than a bit wonky in how he’s doing it. Thankfully, wonky or not he’s being successful at revealing the Dems for who they really are (rabid totalitarians), and what they believe. Bottom line, they hate America, Americans and everything that’s pure and good and will do whatever it takes to destroy it all.

  26. These media idiots just can’t catch a clue can they? Should we pitch in and buy them a catcher’s mitt for Christmas?

    1. They couldn’t catch a clue with a bushel basket. They see, hear and think only inside their little liberal bubble.

      1. Hey Doc, hope you and yours are doing well. Yeah, they’re gone alright. They don’t have a brain cell left between the lot of them.

  27. The Communist News Network probably wished they did not interview those women; CNN exposed itself for the crap they have become; Trump has been too nice to them; he should permanently ban this PROPAGANDA outfit from the Press Corps.

    1. With so few viewers, I would bet more people saw it here than actually watched it when it was aired.

      1. I hope so; now MSNBC is spreading a supposed vid of Trump talking to Epstein allegedly about woman at the Golf Club apparently in Florida in 1992. A big nothing, Epstein went there on occasion; Trump was not a close friend besides this was before Trump found out Epstein liked underaged girls. I just saw that on twitter.

        1. Talking about women isnt the same as raping underage girls. I’m sure there are many videos of him talking about women.

  28. For more than five decades now the Democrat Party, THE Party of Racism and the apartheid system known as Jim Crow has been trying to distance themselves from their past. The most feared weapon in their arsenal was, up until Trump was elected, was the accusation of racism. They never actually seriously believed that their intended target was racist but they wanted to force that target to have to DEFEND the accusation which is always going to be spun by the accusers as an acknowledgement that there is some basis to that charge.

    They have so completely devalued that word along with the words ‘sexist’ and ‘homophobic’ that they have come to have about the same impact as the ‘F’ word. And Trump and his supporters are having no more of it.

    CNN exists on the vapors of the #NeverTrump/Trump-colluded-with-the-Russians-to-steal-the-2016-election-from-the-legitimate-winner coup attempt. They could convene a meeting of their viewership in a single room at a Super 8 motel and have room for a buffet to feed them all. At some moment, AT&T is going to have to do something to fix that but, for now, they don’t seem to GAS what CNN says or does. That needs to change.

    I don’t know who Randi Kaye is but she should hope that her mom doesn’t discover what she does for a living. It would break her [mom’s] heart.

    1. Interestingly, Randi Kaye was originally an anchor in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. I always thought of her as the lessor anchor as we also had the beautiful Shannon Bream who is now on Fox and does a fabulous job. Harris Faulkner was also a Twin Cities anchor and Lauren Green (who is a personal friend) was a reporter as well. My sister (who was Miss Minnesota 1983 and competed with Vanessa Williams) actually crowned Lauren Green. Lauren was third runner up to Miss America. Fox definitely got the best anchors from our area.

  29. That definition of racism isn’t even indicative of anything in the tweets or anything Trump has EVER said. I like that the one pointed out why haven’t those 4 gotten a white colleague to join them? She was absolutely correct.

    1. That was the best point made and spot on. We know there are many white female idiot extreme leftists in the democrat party that agree with these 4 dummies so why do they not have a single white woman among them.

  30. Most Republican women have common sense , kudos to the eight women who stood their ground.

    1. I wish one of them would have had the President’s exact tweet to read to the CNN anchor, because his tweet is so different than what that woman suggested. arrgghhh. Always twisting the truth.

      Tweet One: “So interesting to see “Progressive” Democrat Congresswomen, who originally came from countries whose governments are a complete and total catastrophe, the worst, most corrupt and inept anywhere in the world (if they even have a functioning government at all), now loudly……”

      Tweet Two: “….and viciously telling the people of the United States, the greatest and most powerful Nation on earth, how our government is to be run. Why don’t they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came. Then come back and show us how….”

      Tweet Three: “….it is done. These places need your help badly, you can’t leave fast enough. I’m sure that Nancy Pelosi would be very happy to quickly work out free travel arrangements!

  31. The interviewer is an idiot. She reads the definition of racism and does not see the irony of her stereotyping these women and Trump as racist simply because they are white. The definition does not say racism is calling out stupid anti-American people based on their stupidity and hate speech which is what Trump did. Nothing racist about that.

    1. Spot on, they use the word racism to try and back people down, as far as most of us are concerned oliar wore out the race card, it’s null and void.

  32. I watch our grandson playing basketball which he dearly loves and has since he was 6 years old, he’s now almost 12 and still loves it. When his team travels our daughter and son-in law will car pool and take 3 of the sweetest black boys I’ve ever met, my point is, they don’t see color, they see respect for each other as a team and a deep friendship.Thanks to oliar he made his 8 long miserable years in office about race , thank God for the children who are color blind.

    1. I grew up in a Southern town on a dirt road in a trailer, and I had neighbors who were white, black, Philipino, and Thai. All of us kids played together, went into each other’s houses, etc. We knew we were different, but that didn’t matter to us. We just wanted to play. It’s a shame that adults can’t be that way. And the white kids and families weren’t ‘supreme’ in any way. We were just kids having fun, and our parents were fine with that. And that’s my tale of a small Southern town in north Florida, and how wonderful that time was (early 1970s btw, so just after all the turmoil of the ’60s).

    2. Children see color but they don’t attach any significance to it unless they are taught, just like they see a tall or short person, or blond or brown hair. They see it but don’t dwell on it.

      That’s what these race hustlers don’t understand, they think they are “helping” by pushing this “white supremacy” nonsense, but it’s very damaging to children of all colors. It emphasizes our superficial differences and separates us rather than bringing us together. I can’t wait for this dangerous “fad” to be over!

      1. Yes, they aren’t born to see the color of a person , I can imagine MLK is rolling over in his grave.

        1. Yes, when I was growing up, as children we were interested in who could hit the ball, drive the run in, make the touchdown not intersectional identity political games. We shared the same soda, candy bar and slept in the same tent and thrived in that environment. It is the “adults” who design all of this to create division, contempt and serves no real purpose than to destroy the fabric of our nation by these brain dead self loathing libturds.

          1. Same for me, and I lived in the South in the ’70s. But Hollywood would have you believe otherwise.

            1. Not just Hollywood. When Kamala Harris claimed last month in the Dem debate that she was part of the “2nd year” of integrating Berkeley public schools in the early ‘70’s, my jaw dropped. I had been attending fully integrated public schools across the bay in San Francisco in the 50’s and 60’s. There was no way Berkeley, of all places, was segregated!

          2. Most people, in their everyday lives, still feel that way. Think back to the last time you saw anyone having racial issues in your workplace. I can’t think of a single time.

  33. Funny, my Webster’s dictionary, published in 2003, defines racism as:
    “The practice of racial discrimination, segregation, etc…” that’s it, nothing more.

    Websters 1828 Dictionary has no definition of racism, because the term did NOT exist. Here is the definition of “race” as it pertains to humans.

    RACE, noun [Latin radix and radius having the same original. This word coincides in origin with rod, ray, radiate, etc.]

    1. The lineage of a family, or continued series of descendants from a parent who is called the stock. A race is the series of descendants indefinitely. Thus all mankind are called the race of Adam; the Israelites are of the race of Abraham and Jacob. Thus we speak of a race of kings, the race of Clovis or Charlemagne; a race of nobles, etc.

    2. A generation; a family of descendants.

    1. They are notorious for inventing words. One thing they are good at is using language to control narratives. They create concepts to change how we think about things.

  34. It’s just stupid the way everything gets called racist these days. What was racist about what Trump said? If you tell someone to go back to the country they came from, how is that racist? Is it racist if the country happens to be the U.K. or Norway? Now Nancy Pelosi has made a fool of herself trying to condemn Trump’s remarks and got herself barred from speaking for the rest of the day by unceremoniously walking off the floor. Amazing how the Democrats just keep shooting themselves in the foot. Keep it up, Dems, all the way to 11/20!

    1. It’s not racist. They just like to use this word as a pejorative like they do when they call us Nazis.

    2. Just like immigration, the masks have been dropped because Democrats have been shown to be unlimited in their desires for authoritarianism and impulses to retain power at any cost, even Civil War.

  35. Who ever put the panel together just sabotaged CNN and has probably been fired.As a whole these Women just set the trend for the 2020 elections and I believe the Democrats will get kicked in the Mule with the number of females turning out supporting Trump

  36. No women of color? They should have called up Diamond and Silk, or Condi Rice, or
    Scherie Murray, a black woman and Jamaican immigrant,who is challenging AOC next year for her House seat. But no, let’s make it an all-white women panel. Afterall, “THIS is CNN!”

      1. Well that shouldn’t be that hard with a country where 70% of the population considers themselves “white”.

  37. I am amazed that CNN showed this with these women. After all they try to present Ana Navarro and Jennifer Rubin as Republican women.

    Good for the ladies for sticking to their guns and not allowing the activist newsie to make them say something they don’t want to say.

  38. They’ve stretched the meaning of racism to the extreme and now regular people just kind of dismiss any allegation of racism.

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