Watch CNN- yes CNN anchors slam Biden’s BAD horrible NO good BRUISING week. In EXCRUCIATING detail.

What in the world is going on at CNN? Erin Burnett actually did a fact check – for a minute or two – earlier today. And across the channel they dared mention that Ol’ Joe ain’t doin’ so great.

Now look, y’all know and I know they criticize him from the left. But that was the old way. For the last year it’s been nothing but water-carrying and sucking up. So even though they take their criticism for the left, it’s still wondrous to hear them pointing out that the guy ain’t good at this here presidenting thing.

Watch this:

I mean they actually mention inflation! Prices! Test shortages!!

They may say things like “voting rights” instead of “Democrat power grab” but it’s still fun to hear them run him down.

Burnett seems by far the most skeptical of Biden. Debunking him is something CNN’s so-called fact-checker Daniel Dale has NEVER done in his LIFE.

Can’t say I hated it. I’m not giving credit – it’s not really due – but I can’t say I hated it.

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