WATCH: CNN’s Chris Cuomo threatens guy for using the ‘Italian version of the N-word’ against him [UPDATE: CNN RESPONDS]

A stupid troll totally got under CNN Chris Cuomo’s skin by calling him what Cuomo said was the Italian version of the N-word:

The so-called ‘N-word’ was ‘Fredo’, referring to the ‘weak’ brother in the GodFather movies.

While many on social media consider it a YUGE reach to suggest that ‘Fredo’ is the N-word for Italians, it was clearly meant as an insult. And I can’t blame Cuomo for standing up to the guy, who sounded like a douchebag every time he kept saying “I thought it was your name”. Clearly he’s lying to save face.

So as much as I’d normally like to, I’m not going to hammer Cuomo too hard. It definitely wasn’t his best moment, but he kept it to just words which is far better than the alternative.

UPDATE: CNN stands with Cuomo:

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95 thoughts on “WATCH: CNN’s Chris Cuomo threatens guy for using the ‘Italian version of the N-word’ against him [UPDATE: CNN RESPONDS]

  1. Chris Cuomo is part of a discredited and unreliable “news” network — that is actually just leftist propaganda. He’s knows he is a worthless propaganda shill, and those insulting him know this as well. It’s the reason he’s so touchy. He is still attempting to act like something real is going on at CNN when everyone, literally everyone, knows CNN is sham network.

  2. Fredo Cuomo just ensured that he got a nickname for life.

    Andrew: Way to go, dumbass! Didn’t you learn anything I taught you?

  3. Funniest self-own I’ve seen in ages.

    From now until forever Cuomo will be known as Fredo. Way to go, champ.

  4. I can’t wait for Nick Di Paolo to comment on this in his podcast. He’s gonna have SO much fun with this!!!

  5. That is nothing even remotely similar to calling someone a “ni**er”. Not even close. It’s not even a racist insult, as it could be applied to anyone that acts appropriately. As for Cuomo, he deserved it, because that’s exactly what he is:

    To be the “black sheep” in the family, like the one that is the goof and the screw up. Named after Fredo Corleone, who was Michael’s older brother in the Godfather, and he was considered to be the failure in the family.

    The “N word”. Bull. Coming from somebody in the party that brought “the N word” into vogue, in this country, I’m not impressed. Quite frankly, Cuomo couldn’t do anything, but run his mouth. “Throw you down these stairs”. Please. He’s lucky he was dealing with a common, NY punk.

    1. Yeah, I doubt any Italian got hung from a tree with the name Fredo (or anything else) being shouted at him. What a putz.

      1. Term used to describe someone who feels left out in a family. Basically, the outcast of the family because they choose to do other things than live up to their parents’ standards.
        my sisters are so successful. one is a doctor, the other is an engineer but I’m the black sheep. my parents hate me sometimes because I get pretty bad grades. 🙁

        I’m the black sheep of my family, and it has nothing to do with my ethnicity. I’ve had plenty of White people tell me that I’m the black sheep of my family, and it’s because of my sociopolitical views, religious views, etc.

  6. Figures CNN would defend the vulgar foul mouthed Fredo!! Was this a contest to see how many times he could fit the F word into a stupid rant?

  7. Fredo is the name Rush Limbaugh uses to refer to Cuomo. He could be called the dunce or the doofus or any number of other well-deserved insults. If the guy calling him Fredo is a douchebag then they’re both douchebags. Couldn’t really care less.

  8. What ever happened to Bill O’reilly, Eric Bolling, Gretchen Carlson, Megyn Kelly, Andrea Tantaros and Roger Ailes again?

  9. To hell with Chris Cuomo. Look what he does on a daily basis. Lies, distorts the truth, on and on. He isn’t a Fredo, he’s a fat wussy. Much worse than Fredo. Chump.

    1. He’s AWFUL!! I had to sit through his arrogance and lies while sitting in the physical therapy waiting room after the El Paso & Dayton shooting. I was super angry being a confined audience and an attempt being made to manipulate my knowledge and opinion.

  10. Frankly, the most vile was Cuomo’s response. His filthy mouth needs to be washed out with soap. As far as “Fredo” goes, who knew it was racial. Maybe just a way for Chris to make himself relevant?

  11. Some days I just can’t understand this site’s defense of the left. Man if a non-leftist on TV reacted in this way, you would be calling for his head!

    1. See, your mistake is in measuring the appropriate response against the other side.

      You should instead measure it against Right and Wrong.

      1. I echo your comment right back at you.

        The guy that held his cool, never saying a curse word is called a “douche bag”; yet the filthy ridden guy who made physical threats can’t be blamed? WTF is that!!!??

    2. I totally agree Abe. Can’t believe this site would defend this idiot. What ever happened to sticks and stones……

    1. I thought the Italian derogatory term for blacks was moolinyan. “Fredo” = the N word? An ethnic slur? Get real.

    2. I thought that was only for Italian all terrain tires. I bought a set many, many, years ago because they were advertised that:
      Dago through rain;
      Dago through sleet;
      Dago through mud;
      And Dago through snow.
      After I purchased them however, I found out that when Dago flat, Dago; Wop, Wop, Wop…. 😉

    3. I thought it was “Guido.”

      As in you dumb guido mother…

      But then, it wouldn’t really make sense to use such a term on Cuomo, given that he’s such a limp-wristed sissypants.

  12. I think Fredo is trying to prove he is a tough guy. He should have backed it up with action instead on continuing to threaten the guy with empty vulgarities.

  13. Chris Cuomo defended himself when he was verbally attacked

    Um, point of order CNN – when do you ever defend anyone against verbal attacks? Aren’t you usually the guys hurling them?

  14. Chris Cuomo turned on that NYC Italian accent, didn’t he? He should use it when he’s on air. Anyway, there are slurs against Italians. Fredo isn’t one of them. Besides, we already have an F word.

    1. amen wish he wasn’t Italian makes me sick
      man up Fredo…………..stop calling us racists how about that jerk

  15. But Scoop you missed a brilliant opportunity to hunt down that pic of Chrissy dressed effeminately for the headline pic. I think it’s used on Redstate sometimes.

    Anyways, settle down Fredo.

  16. I’m also Italian. It’s an insult, every Italian man knows the reference. “N- word?” Not close. Cuomo threatens to throw me down the stairs, I tell him to come out from behind his armed bodyguards and try it. BTW, in a bit of serendipity, today is the birthday of the late John Cazale, who played “Fredo.”

    Besides, as a liberal, isn’t he supposed to believe there is NO word ever spoken that can be worse than the “N word?” Lives get ruined over it, depending on the speaker.

  17. What a host used to say about Cuomo the elder “Mario azende me tuzeprovenos sfachim.”
    Seems like everyone likes to make fun of the Cuomos.

    1. Hilariously, he thinks it gives him solidarity with the brothers.

      I can just see him, “Oh man, you’ve been called the N word? That’s awful. So have I. Well, the Italian N-word anyway. Fist bump?”

  18. Fredo Cuomo
    I watch reruns of my shows so I can constantly check up to see if I need to be in the weight room more.

  19. The rightscoops reaction to this is why conservatives lose. Cuomo knows the meaning of Fredo means week brother not the N word. CNN and Como are lying tryimg to slander a Trump Supporter. But ya rightscoop stick up for Cuomo

    1. Please reread it, Jason. I think Scoop had a pretty fair (as in fair and balanced) take on the whole thing.

    1. Lettuce be cereal, we’d all eventually be flagged by proposed red flag laws for being politically incorrect.

  20. OH God I am full blood Italian and Fredo is Fredo a jerk……….it is not the n word……..what an arrogant piece of work cuomo is… up Fredo dear….can’t take a joke
    perhaps then you Fredo should STOP CALLING ME AND EVERYONE ELSE A RACIST MORON
    how about that Fredo…..racist is the n word… practice what you preach moron jerk
    makes me sick you are Italian such a lack of class

  21. Chris makes a fool of himself……….again. On the air, off the air he thinks he’s a “wise guy”. F this, F that. Such class.

  22. Ethnic slur my a$$. Just a damn good funny insult.

    But, as my grandmother always warned me–if one is going to insult somebody, one must accept the possibility of having his/her sh*t f*ckin ruined.

    1. I remember the old playground rules growing up & more importantly the rules of a military flightline: The one thing you NEVER do is let a nickname or an insult like that get under your skin. Once you do, it’s yours for all time whether you like it or not.

  23. Mr. Cuomo seems to have only one adjective in his vocabulary. No need to repeat it, he used it quite frequently in this little confrontation. Anyway, this guy passes for an anchor man on national TV. I believe he’d fit right in with Antifa.

  24. I just looked this up

    “Meaning of name Fredo. Etymology : Short form of FEDERICO, ALFREDO or GOFFREDO. Saint : Origin : Italian (Rare)”
    From urban dictionary
    “To be the “black sheep” in the family, like the one that is the goof and the screw up. Named after Fredo Corleone, who was Michael’s older brother in the Godfather, and he was considered to be the failure in the family.”

  25. Fredo Cuomo
    Make sure to tune in tomorrow around 7 pm, after I get done lifting, where I talk about the proper diet & how to lift weights.

  26. Michael Knowles

    It is rude to harass media figures in public, even Fredo. Still, to quote Hyman Roth…


    11:34 PM · Aug 12, 2019·

  27. This idiot (can I call you an idiot Mr. Cuomo?) goes off on a profanity laden tirade because someone “said something” to him that he took issue with? Really? I thought public figures were used to hearing criticisms all the time. So you get the feeling that this guy isn’t a fan, what do you do? YOU WALK AWAY. There. See how simple that was?

    And CNN? You “completely support him” – really? Was a time, not that long ago, when this kind of out of control behavior would have warranted at least a reprimand, a slap on the wrist, a stern talking to, something.

    As for “Fredo” – you’re making it up. Or at least making a whole lot more out of it than it was. Idiot.

    1. Can’t call him an idiot nc. That’s a slur. But Cuomo can call Trump & any of his supporters anything he wants

  28. Sean Hannity

    I say good for

    He’s out with his 9 year old daughter, and his wife, and this guy is being a jackass in front of his family.

    Imho Chris Cuomo has zero to apologize for. He deserves the apology.

    1. The wall banger (as Michael Savage calls Hannity) sticking up for #FakeNewsFredo. I’m surprised.

    2. Kung-Fu Hannity is dead wrong on this. To threaten physical violence on someone while you have a security entourage around you in front of your impressionable 9 year old daughter is not the right thing to do.

      One would argue that’s exactly what Fredo in Godfather would do because he’d knew he’d get away with it

      1. So… wait. We’re blaming Cuomo because of what we believe he would do, instead of the guy who actually did something?

  29. Im Italian and Cumo is a punk Fredo is from a movie, no sense of humor these Pinkos Cumo is wound way too tight he uses profane language to sound tough. There are many worse things to be called if one is Italian, this guy should be taken off the air, besides he looks like a moron and is a moronic loon when on CNN!!! Fredo Fredo, Cumo opened Pandoras Box now he is going to be called that forever….Thanks Rush LOL

  30. Maybe traitor Fredo Scaramucci will take over Fredo’s job at CNN, another big ego with nothing between the ears!

  31. “Fredo” is nowhere near an ethnic slur. I can think of another ethnic slur you could call an Italian that’s far worse than “Fredo”.

    That being said, both are at fault. The one guy shouldn’t have done that in public since Fredo is with his family & Cuomo shouldn’t have threatened physical violence on him, especially if he’s with his 9 year old child. That could have escalated QUICKLY. Be the bigger man & walk away. If the roles were reversed & that was Tucker or Hannity, this would be all over the liberal news & they wouldn’t stop until either Tucker or Hannity would be fired. If anything it further illustrates the hypocrisy of the left: fine for me (to threaten violence) but not for thee.

  32. Whatever happened to the old adage, “Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me?”

    1. Outdated.

      Words are very oppressive these days and the anglo saxon patriarchy uses them expertly to keep the colored man down. I can say this because I’m orange and very offensive.

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