WATCH: CNN’s Chris Cuomo threatens guy for using the ‘Italian version of the N-word’ against him [UPDATE: CNN RESPONDS]

A stupid troll totally got under CNN Chris Cuomo’s skin by calling him what Cuomo said was the Italian version of the N-word:

The so-called ‘N-word’ was ‘Fredo’, referring to the ‘weak’ brother in the GodFather movies.

While many on social media consider it a YUGE reach to suggest that ‘Fredo’ is the N-word for Italians, it was clearly meant as an insult. And I can’t blame Cuomo for standing up to the guy, who sounded like a douchebag every time he kept saying “I thought it was your name”. Clearly he’s lying to save face.

So as much as I’d normally like to, I’m not going to hammer Cuomo too hard. It definitely wasn’t his best moment, but he kept it to just words which is far better than the alternative.

UPDATE: CNN stands with Cuomo:

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