WATCH: CNN’s Don Lemon clearly doesn’t understand Christianity…

CNN’s Don Lemon, in an attempt last night to make a point about the founders, revealed his ignorance on even the most basic of doctrines in Christianity.


Lemon claims that Jesus “admittedly was not perfect”. Um….what? Jesus never claimed that he wasn’t perfect. The church has never claimed Jesus wasn’t perfect. I have no idea where Lemon is getting this from, but it sounds like he doesn’t understand that Jesus was fully God in the flesh. The church teaches that Jesus was fully God and fully man and that he was without sin.

As Michael Knowles said this morning, “Prominent leftists don’t understand even the most basic aspects of the most basic things we believe.”

Secondly, to his other point about the founders, we aren’t deifying the founders and we aren’t comparing them to God either. Yes they owned slaves and yes many of them wanted to abolish slavery, but didn’t want to go to ‘war’ over it at the time with those who wanted to keep slavery because they knew establishing the greatest and most free country on the face of the earth was more important, and hoped the country would resolve the issue of slavery in the near future. And it did!

What we are saying is that the founders contribution to this world of a country, where the God-given right of liberty was at the very center so that people could be free to worship God and live their lives without being under the yoke of oppression by a corrupt government, is far greater than their own personal faults at the time of owning slaves. Add to that the fact that we are looking at the 18th century through the eyes of the 21st century, and history is far more complicated than what the Don Lemons and BLMers of this time are making it out to be.

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