WATCH: CNN’s @Donie O’Sullivan gets taste of his OWN medicine from Project Veritas and RUNS AWAY

CNN correspondent Donie O’Sullivan is making his name by going to Trump events and sticking his camera in people’s faces, clipping their answers, and then mocking and belittling them on air, to the delight of his fellow CNN swamp things. That’s why the roly poly Donie is at CPAC.

Libs eat that up when it’s one of theirs chasing one of ours. Not the other way around. Whereas a CNN reporter “confronts”, a conservative with a camera “harasses” or worse.

They can’t take their own medicine. But James O’Keefe and Project Veritas sure as shootin can dish it out them anyway. And that’s what happened in this clip of the tables being turned.

What a COWARD. Did you hear them pull the Covid card???

And the look on his face the whole time SCREAMS self-superiority. And that’s exactly how he’ll play it, too. Smugly. Just you wait.

But we all saw what happened, Roly Poly Donie. We know what you are. And you do too, now.

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