WATCH: CNN’s reporting on Twitter’s suppression of Hunter Biden laptop story is a JOKE

This morning CNN was actually talking about Twitter’s suppression of the 2020 Hunter Biden laptop story in the context of Trump’s Truth tweet and their coverage of it was an absolute joke.

They characterized Twitter’s suppression of the story as though Twitter employees ‘struggling with it’.

An when asked if there was evidence that Biden ask Twitter to remove it, the answer was that ‘both sides’ asked Twitter to take down stuff.

They also made it sound like Musk did something odd by handing over the info to Matt Taibbi and asking him to unpack it and distill it to everyone.

Twitter employees were not struggling with it. They were trying to justify an excuse to block in on their platform because it might hurt Joe Biden. They intentionally refused to treat it as a legitimate news story and went so far as to block the New York Post, a reputable news organization, for posting it in the first place. It was absolutely election interference.

But even under new management, CNN still refuses to treat it like election interference. Their coverage is a joke.

I will note though that Christine Romans twice referred to Trump as the ‘president’ and without any ‘former’ or ‘ex’ in front of it and no one corrected her. That was the best part of the whole segment.

UPDATE: It turns out the Poyner Institute, which says this is nothing but a ‘meh’, is a front for the Intel community:

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