WATCH: Conspiracy-monger Alex Jones completely MELTS DOWN over Syria strike!

Whatever you might think of Trump’s limited strike on Syria yesterday, I think we can all agree that one awesome and amazing consequence of his actions is how it made Alex Jones completely melt down.

Watch below [there are curse words]:

“Trump has absolutely crapped all over us… he’s been compromised, blackmailed, there’s no doubt about it!!”

“This is total horsesh**!!”

“And I’m not gonna sell out my morals for f**king Donald Trump g**da**mit!!”

Is no one f**king pure in this f**king g*dd*mn world!?!…. F**k Trump!”

He says Trump shoves ISIS up his “big dirty ***hole” in this one.

In this one he actually breaks down crying because Trump betrayed the cause:

Wow. Who says everything about war is bad? Honestly I’m just gonna sit here and watch the entire InfoWars two hour show on the Syrian strike. So far he says white supremacists are hypocrites because they watch interracial porn, and that Russia is the good guy and liberals want to destroy it because they used to vacation there and watch people get tortured, but they can’t anymore. Also, General Mattis has a “baboon a$$.” I did not know that.

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