WATCH: Dan Bongino says Secret Service tell him “Biden is in real significant trouble”

Dan Bongino, a former Secret Service agent, was on with Sean Hannity last night and revealed that he’s got sources in the Secret Service that tell him that Biden’s health “is in real significant trouble”:

Bongino makes clear that reporting this gives him absolutely no joy. But he’s clear that EVERYONE around Biden knows just how much trouble he’s in, calling it the worst kept secret in the White House.

Bongino says this is the scandal that they are hiding from the American people, noting that we are only in the second month of this. How bad will he be in four years?

This all makes sense with all the ‘senior moments’ we’ve seen from Biden over the last two years, and especially with the reports that he was reading teleprompter scripts when answering questions with voters.

Remember the 25th amendment commission that Nancy Pelosi created to remove a president who is in poor health? She even said this wasn’t about President Trump, but about ‘future presidents’. We all knew at the time she was referring to Biden and I’m betting she knew even then just how bad his health was, which is why she created the commission.

I take no pleasure in Biden’s health going bad. But Bongino is right, this is a huge scandal that they are keeping from the American people. The real scandal is that they hid this during the election in order to beat Trump and now they are propping him up in the Oval Office.

How quickly Biden declines is something we’ll all watch unfold I’m sure. But what worries me even more about this is that we’ll likely end with radical socialist Kamala Harris becoming president, which would be disastrous for this country.

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