WATCH: Dan Crenshaw addresses his critics on the right over Red Flag laws

Dan Crenshaw released a video over the weekend addressing the responses he’s gotten from critics over his potential support for red flag laws:

Crenshaw says it’s difficult to have a conversation about this with some on the right because they clearly don’t even want to go there. But he says it’s important to have the conversation to keep the left from owning the narrative about red flag laws.

He makes the point that he does NOT support the left’s idea of red flag laws and won’t support anything that doesn’t protect due process. He says protecting due process from being abused is at the HEART of any conservative legislation regarding red flag laws. He mentions things like ‘limited standing’, ‘clear and convincing evidence’, ‘right to an attorney and cross-examination’, and ‘punishment for false accusations’ that would act as safeguards for due process.

At the end of the day Crenshaw says this is about confiscating someone’s firearms when there is ‘clear evidence that violence is about to be committed.’

Watch the video for more…

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