WATCH: Dan Crenshaw defends Trump Ukraine call on CNN, argues Biden request was in Public Interest

Dan Crenshaw was on with Chris Cuomo tonight to discuss Trump’s Ukraine call and he defended the request to investigate Biden and his shady son’s dealings as in the public interest:

I think the point Crenshaw made was a good one. It’s absolutely in the public interest to investigate Biden’s apparent Ukrainian quid pro quo with his son’s business dealings in the background. Anyone that doesn’t see a troublesome connection there is not being honest about it.

It’s also true on the call that Trump was interested in past corruption, asking about Hillary’s server. And we know from Volker that Trump was very upset about the 2016 Ukrainian corruption that targeted his campaign. In that context, it’s easy to see the public interest of the Biden request.

So to Crenshaw’s question, what do you do when there is a legitimate public interest but there could also be public benefit from it? I think what Trump could do is ask the Ukrainians not to release the results of their investigation until after the 2020 election is over, so that only the public interest would be served. I know, there could be leaks. But they wouldn’t be legitimized until after the election is over or after Biden self-destructs in the primary, whichever comes first.

UPDATE: You can use this as an open thread. Here’s another clip from Crenshaw from last night’s World Series game:

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