WATCH: Dan Crenshaw explains the TRUTH about the Democrat police reform bill yesterday

Yesterday Democrats in the House passed their bill on police reform, but just like in the Senate, they refused to even work with Republicans on it. Dan Crenshaw explains:

Crenshaw points out that Democrats refused to let Republicans offer any amendments whatsoever. In his floor speech, he asked “What reason could they possibly have for refusing to work with us? When America is demanding that we work together toward common goals, why won’t Democrats do so?”

He quickly answered that question, noting they have their eyes on the election, not police reform.

This is the same issue that Republicans faced in the Senate. Democrats refused to even work with them. Tim Scott said that he wanted Democrats to offer amendments to try and push the bill toward passage, but Democrats wouldn’t even let the process go that far. They filibustered and killed it. Not interested in police reform, only in winning elections.

If the media were objective in this country, there would be a hue and cry against the Democratic party. But we all know the media is just a propaganda arm for the DNC, as we saw two major news networks completely ignore Democrat blocking the bill in the Senate.

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