WATCH: Dana Loesch just NAILED IT on the problem with fixing health care…

Dana Loesch was on Fox and Friends this morning and dished out some cold hard truth on the health care fight that ended last week.

I’ve got it cued up to 6:58:

Dana Loesch points out that for now at least, the American people have won in the health care fight.

And in discussing the real issue with the health care bill, she nailed Paul Ryan pretty good::

This compromise still funded Planned Parenthood. It was a one year bait and switch; we were still going to fund Planned Parenthood.

The regulatory structure was still in place.

The penalty was still in place.

The subsidies were still in place.

It was like Paul Ryan rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic and telling America that the hole’s been fixed!

Just beautiful. I can’t think of a better way of representing my position on last week’s failure than Dana’s summation right there. Paul Ryan had a job to do and he failed.

When Brian Kilmeade suggested to Dana that Jim Jordan’s bill, which she advocated for, could never pass the Senate, she hit back pointing out that the Republicans keeps changing the ‘rules’ on us. She said first it was that we needed the Senate to pass repeal. Then we needed the presidency to pass repeal. And now that we have everything, they say that full repeal won’t pass the Senate.

Loesch says Republicans need courage and a spine to keep doing what they were voted in to do.

She also discusses Ted Koppel and the anti-Trump altercations this weekend. You can watch the entire interview below:

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