WATCH: Democrat endorsed by Ilhan Omar SCREAMS profanities at ‘white’ homes, says BURN DOWN Minnesota town

“I didn’t come here to be peaceful.” Wow. “We sick of y’all white a**!” That’s just part of the profanity-laced, over-the-top, red-faced, spittle and sweat tirade from Democratic candidate John Thompson – yes, as in won his primary and represents the party in a state election – at a “protest” outside the home of Minneapolis Police Federation President Bob Kroll in Hugo, Minnesota.

“We are terrorized by the grand wizard. Y’all got the grand wizard living in your g**d*** neighborhood,” he said, screaming bloody murder. “Blue lives ain’t sh**!”

“F*** Hugo, Minnesota!” he added.

“We are sick of y’all white a** treating us like sh**,” he hollered at the top of his lungs through the megaphone.

“This whole g**d**n state burned down for $20 g**d**n dollars, you think we give a f*** about burning Hugo down?” he screeched.

Can’t really call it unbelievable, or be surprised by the white virtue signalers cheering his apoplectic meltdown. The only real surprise is that he didn’t throw a molotov cocktail or declare an autonomous zone, but maybe that’s only Portland and Seattle’s Antifa/BLM calling card.

The Blaze has the story on what the protest was about.

Anyway, OBVIOUS language warning on these videos.

John Thompson is running in State House district 67A in St. Paul, MN.

I got no question in my mind that Omar completely endorses this. But even so don’t you think the press oughta make her SAY so? Yeah I know I’m dreaming, and saying “if it was a Republican” just falls on deaf ears.

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz endorsed him, too, not that they’ll care about that either. And it was a glowing endorsement. which won’t make a difference and no one in the press will ask him about this.

But still, it’d be real nice if there was a legit press in this country.

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