WATCH: Democrat EXPOSES Biden ‘shell game’ lies at the border and NBC Nightly News AIRS IT!

Henry Cuellar, a House Democrat from Texas, called out the Biden administration for their lies about the border and how they want it to look like they have it under control, but it’s really just a ‘shell game’.

NBC Nightly News did a report on the border facility in Donna Texas, showing newly released video from CBP that shows a far less crowded facility than we’ve seen previously this year, and noting that most children only stay there for 24 hours now.

But, to their credit, they asked Cuellar about this and he exposed the ‘shell game’:

“What they’re doing now is that they’re moving the kids from the border patrol tents over next door to the HHS facility… With all due respect it’s all a shell game.”

As if to prove Cuellar’s point that this really is a shell game, NBC then shows how the number of children in border patrol custody have dropped to only 749, but the number in HHS custody has skyrocketed to nearly 22k.

They add that 160k unaccompanied children are expected over the border this year, and they actually say this ‘shatters’ the previous record.

Wow. That’s a solid report and you can watch it below:

Another Democrat is calling out the Biden administration as well, this one being Kyrsten Sinema, a Senate Democrat from Arizona. She bluntly says “this is a crisis and we all know it” and goes on to point out that the number of crossings are the highest they’ve seen in the state in twenty years:

In a second clip, she said people in some of these small towns don’t have time for the administration to talk about solutions, that they need bold action now. She noted how the mayor of Gila Bend is literally putting these dropped off illegals into his car and driving them to shelters in Phoenix or Tucson, which she says is ‘not acceptable’:

I know that neither Democrat goes as far as we’d like them, speaking the truth that this is really the fault of Joe Biden himself and his horrible border policies. But for them to call out the administration like they did, especially Cuellar on NBC Nightly News, is pretty brave and something people really need to know.

Now if only the rest of the media would pick this up and run with it, Biden might just have his first media scandal. But don’t hold your breath.

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