WATCH: Democrat incredulous that Mark Zuckerberg can’t give LGBT stats off top of his head

Apparently Democrats dragged Mark Zuckerberg in front of a hearing this morning to question him about diversity and one Democrat was particularly incredulous that Zuckerberg couldn’t give LGBT and minority stats off the top of his head:

How exactly is Zuckerberg supposed to know how many LGBT people are in this Libra association? It’s made up of 21 companies and last I checked, sexuality was not something that companies kept on record.

Just a bizarre line of question if you ask me. But it didn’t stop there.

Maxine Waters also made a point to bring up the fact that Facebook’s upper management is mostly white:

The hearing was supposed to focus on Zuckerberg’s cryptocurrency he calls Libra. But I guess forcing Zuckerberg to hire people based on skin color is more important to Democrats.

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