WATCH: Democrat on MSNBC explains how gas stove ban is actually NOT off the table

Rep. Shontel Brown was on MSNBC yesterday and asked by the host to dispel the supposedly crazy idea with no basis “whipped up” by the GOP that banning gas stoves is a possibility at the hands of the deep nanny state.

But she didn’t. She said it IS a possibility. That’s what she said, even though she and the host tried to couch it in mocking denial that it’s a big deal, she DID say it’s on the table. Which is exactly what CPSC commissioner Richard Trumka Jr. said to kick off the news cycle.

“But you’re not calling for a ban, Congresswoman,” said the MSNBC anchor not in the form of a question.

“I’m not calling for a ban. I am a proud user of a gas stove,” said Brown. “I would not go that far. I think that is the very, very, very, very last resort.”

“So you’re saying there’s a chance.” That’s a funny line from a funny(ish) movie, and the point of the joke is that the chance of it happening is so remote it’s not really a chance at all but he’s too dumb to get it.

But in this case we must use that line WAY more literally. Because the conditions this Congresswoman lays out are not remote at all. And Trumka, who is a commissioner with the agency, explicitly stated it’s not off the table. So yes, there is a chance. And not some crazy remote chance. It’s on the table. There are conditions.

This Democrat from Ohio had the chance to say what the press is acting like is true, that a ban on gas stoves is off the table. She did NOT do that, and instead confirmed that it IS.

I’m not calling for a ban. I am a proud user of a gas stove. But I would not go that far. I think that is the very, very, very, very last resort and one that I think we wouldn’t need to get to if we implement the steps of, again, informing people, going on an education crusade, if you will, and also implementing some warning labels as it relates to gas stoves when people are purchasing them, so that they know what some of the dangers are as it relates to gas stoves. But as a proud gas stove user, that would not be one of the things that I would, that I would want to impose on people like myself.

She said that it’s a last resort they will only use if the other stuff doesn’t work out.

The press keep treating this like a made-up thing because AOC told them to. You may agree it’s dumb to get exercised over it, but the point here is that it’s not ACCURATE on the part of the media to act like it’s baseless. It’s not. The basis is that they LITERALLY said it is a possibility.

Reporters get away with playing along because none of them will ever call each other out.

And by the way? The “nobody is calling for that” defense is one we’ve all heard a BILLLLLLION times. When they say “nobody’s saying that” the unspoken end of that sentence is “until at least a week from now.”


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