WATCH: Democratic Congressman tells MSNBC host that he can’t get on MSNBC to talk about anything but Trump impeachment!

A Democratic Congressman actually complained on-air to a host on MSNBC that they wouldn’t have him on except to talk about impeachment:

California Rep. Brad Sherman told MSNBC host Ari Melber that he’s been trying to get on his show to talk about other issues like drug prices and the Saudi nuclear program, but all they want to talk to him about his impeachment:

“Actually I’ve been trying to get on your show to talk about the Saudi nuclear program. And if it was my time we’d be talking about efforts to control drug prices. There’s this image in this country that Congress is focused only on impeachment. That’s the only thing I can get on TV to talk about, but it’s not really what I’m working on.”

Yikes! And this is coming from a congressman who actually drew up articles of impeachment for Trump back in 2017.

First it’s the New York Times saying MSNBC and CNN opinion shows are becoming too partisan and now an impeachment Democrat is complaining that all MSNBC wants to talk about is impeachment.

TDS is running amuck in these news outlets and it’s gotten so bad their own allies are starting to complain.

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