WATCH: DeSantis War Room exposes the real reason why Trump wouldn’t fire Fauci….

DeSantis War Room today released a video exposing the real reason why Trump wouldn’t fire Fauci.

In short, Trump was afraid of the backlash:

They juxtapose Trump’s refusal to fire Fauci with his reputation as a reality TV host who would fire anyone. And that is indeed the reputation that Trump ran on.

But the left was relentless in attacking Trump over and over and the end result was that Trump feared the backlash over firing Fauci. He said in the video that it was a fight he wouldn’t have been able to win.

Now I know I will take heat for posting this video. I’ll be told that I have TDS and I’ll be insulted in a number of graphic ways. Trust me, I can show you the emails. But my greater point is that this video is absolutely fair in Trump’s fight against DeSantis. It’s not a smear. It’s not a lie. It’s his own words.

My bigger point is that I honestly don’t have a problem if Trump ends up winning the primary and I don’t have TDS at all. I am not pulling for him in this primary because I am not happy with him adopting leftist tactics to defeat DeSantis. But I would still absolutely vote Trump him if he wins.

I know people will come to whatever conclusion they want about me and that is fine. But this is the truth.

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