WATCH: Devastating new video montage shows just how irresponsible the CNN, MSNBC was over Buzzfeed ‘BOMBSHELL’ story on Trump

Nobody does these SuperCut montage videos better than Free Beacon, who’s just released a new one that demonstrates just how irresponsible the MSM was over this phoney Buzzfeed story that they kept calling a ‘bombshell’.


Even though it feels long, be sure and watch to the very end.

CNN and MSNBC clearly have so much egg on their faces for running with this story like it was the bombshell that would take Trump down for good. They were breathlessly hoping this would lead to Trump’s impeachment, and then got angry at Mueller for letting the air out of their hot-air balloon. LOL!

What makes this breathless reporting so egregious is that neither of these news agencies were able to verify the reporting. NOT ONE! And nor did anyone else like the NY Times or the Washington Post for that matter. Yet both CNN and MSNBC (and others) still ran with this ‘bombshell’ story like it was true.

The MSM keeps proving Trump and his ‘fake news’ accusation RIGHT over and over. They hate him so much they just can’t help themselves, and they are destroying their reputation, just as Toobin said at the end.

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