WATCH: Devin Nunes goes OFF on corrupt DOJ, dirty Merrick Garland, fake charges, PLANTED evidence

Devin Nunes and Kash Patel were on with Maria Bartiromo on Sunday and they laid out Merrick Garland and the entire corrupt, unconstitutional, totalitarian assault by the Obama deep state that will never stop going after Trump and have no compunctions about violating the law and can expect full cover from the media.

That’s my summary but they say it a lot better, and Devin Nunes goes off on them partway through this on the JERKS who are cooking up fake charges.

And he makes a truly STELLAR point. If there was actually some kind of dangerous intelligence material or nuclear secrets, why wouldn’t they send in an FBI army to surround Mar-a-Lago, detain everyone, make it public?

Right. Because there wasn’t any of that, and they knew that ahead of time.

That’s another really important point that shouldn’t be lost on the American people today, and that is that they convened a grand jury against the former president of the United States, And they went into the grand jury looking at the president for treason? as if he’s — And look, if that was the case, if he really was holding these documents, these so-called classified documents, and we even heard, you know, leaks of nuclear secrets that the president was holding. Well, that’s preposterous.

And if that was true, you should have sent, they should have immediately sent and made this public and sent FBI agents to surround Mar-a-Lago if the nuclear secrets were really there.

But the fact that they convened a grand jury to accuse a president — again, this look, this is the second time, this never stopped. Remember, back in 15 and 16 is when they started first saying that he was colluding with Russians and Vladimir Putin and Republicans were all colluding with the Russians. They went to a grand jury with that, Maria!

So once again, this is a continued investigation of Trump and the Republican Party. It’s basically an investigation in search of a crime. And then conveniently, they brought back the Mueller witch hunt argument that, oh, my God, he’s obstructing justice. Obstructing justice on what? you jerks! Stuff that you had you had planted on an investigation that you basically created out of whole cloth.

And I think that’s what we’re dealing with. The American people need to pay attention to it.

Exactly right. Kinda wish Nunes had an angrier delivery for his angry words but still.


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