WATCH: Dog saves puppy bro from floating away on a boat – [BONUS: Elephant herd terrifies group of safari watchers!]

Well this is just cute as can be.

A dog, watching his puppy bro float away on a boat in China, quickly takes action to save him.


What a smart dog! He went right for the rope and pulled him back to shore.

If that doesn’t just make you smile…


Now this one here might make you pee in your pants. I have a feeling it did to some of these Safari watchers as they learned very well just how scary wild elephants can be:

Yikes! That was super scary. Talk about feeling vulnerable.

This is an open thread for ya so enjoy it!

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43 thoughts on “WATCH: Dog saves puppy bro from floating away on a boat – [BONUS: Elephant herd terrifies group of safari watchers!]

  1. Bill Mitchell

    No mortal man could do all that Trump is doing in the face of withering opposition.

    We are witnessing something supernatural here. God has chosen and blessed Trump. He is our modern Moses come to set us free from the Socialist Oligarchy.

    In 2020 he will part the blue sea.

    1. Mark Pantano

      When I refer to some Trump supporters as “cultists,” this is a good example of what I’m talking about.

      This is creepy sick stuff.

      Completely unbecoming of free American citizens to talk about a politician in this way.

      Fortunately, most Trump supporters are not like this.

  2. Yay..Bibi gets ‘winner of the week’ on Fox for not allowing the rest of the world to dictate who he allows into his country!
    Beto got ‘loser’…any explanation needed?

  3. Anyone watching The Boys on Amazon? It’s sort of Heroes meets The Watchmen. It’s got some PC BS, but the first couple of episodes are OK.

  4. One of the original 1960’s hippee Peter Fonda, passed away today. The dude was 79. I remember him well in the classic Easy Rider.

    1. I don’t think there is anyone that is old enough to have seen Easy Rider in the 60’s that when they hear his name they don’t immediately associate him with that iconic movie. That movie defined the social, political and cultural aspects of our generation. That movie made Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper overnight stars. It was a life altering experience for both of them.

      1. I know what you mean, Doc. You get to a certain age and you realize your own mortality. But, at least we recognize it. Some folks don’t. Doc, I hope you have a wonderful weekend. (:

        1. Thanks, Alabamamom. Unfortunately, vacation’s over and I have to start getting ready for work.

        2. I reached the age of 65 yesterday and I have no false illusions of my mortality. I’m in good shape and health, but I fully realize that could quickly change the older I get. Losing friends, acquaintances, family members and former class mates has a very sobering affect on one’s sense of mortality.

  5. A dog, watching his puppy bro float away on a boat in China, quickly takes action to save him.

    While the human filming does absolutely nothing.

    WTF human.

      1. Well see then you gotta wonder if this sicko intentionally put the puppy on a loose barge to float away just so he could get the footage of the dog.

        Y’know, like folks who set fire to a place so they can run in to get people or put the fire out, and then be called “heroes” for doing so.

    1. Yeah..been all over Fox. Today ex-military senator was interviewed, strongly urged Trump to think it thru..just getting a deal for the sake of the deal could lead to a situation like how Big Zero left Iraq…

      1. I didn’t realize it was on FOX, I don’t watch the news. I would like to see us out of Afghan since we’ve been there 17 years, but I sure don’t want Taliban anywhere near any agreement. And I agree with you on getting a deal for the sake of a deal. Terrible idea.

        1. He pointed out that if the deal is made, and then things go south, well, Pakistan, being a neighbor AND a nuclear power would enter into it all, and oh wow.⚡

    1. Yeah, it’s all fun and games until one of those beasts sits on top of your truck….death by elephant butt.

    2. I decided that a few years ago when I saw a video of a guy getting out of the car to take some pictures get blindsided by a lion and mauled to death. His wife and daughter saw the whole thing. Idiot.

      1. It has always fascinated me to see how some people are so delusional, unrealistic and foolish when it comes to interacting with deadly creatures in the wild or having them as pets. There are countless stories of people being killed by their exotic pets because they are absolutely convinced that their pets love them as much as they love their pets.

        1. Yep. They can’t be domesticated. I just watched a documentary the other day about a guy that wrestled his bears. I believe they used them in films. Unexpectedly the bear turned on his brother and put some holes in his neck. He’s dead.

      2. I wouldn’t mind going on safari, but if I had that kind of money I could probably think of other ways to spend it.

        1. No doubt about that. I love watching animals (mate)……LOL I can’t do it…that was meant to be a joke like the parenthesis part is whispered in.

          Seriously, I love animals but I would much rather be safely on the other side of the glass.

    1. Obama entered the White House with a net worth of less than $800k. He left the White House with an estimated net worth of nearly $12M. The same can be said of Harry Reid and nearly every democrat and some republicans. It would be very interesting to see the list of politicians whom went from having modest incomes before entering public office to that of multi millionaires when they left.

      1. Insider trading is legal for them. That’s how Denny Hastert went from HS teacher to Congress and was able to pay millions in hush money.

  6. Hopefully those two dogs don’t become someone’s lunch in China.

    As for the elephants, if you see a mother with it’s babies you leave. Slowly, carefully, but you leave. That tour guide could’ve gotten those people killed.

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