WATCH: Don Lemon wants to “blow up the entire system” over the Supreme Court but Chris Cuomo ain’t buying it

Last night Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo disagreed on what Democrats would do now if they were in power and had a Supreme Court nomination from Trump:

Lemon says that if Democrats controlled the Senate they would stick to their principles and give Trump’s nominee a vote. But Cuomo doesn’t believe that for a second and recognizes that Democrats are hypocritical over what they claimed they would do in 2016 versus what they’d really do now.

After arguing back and forth Lemon then says that we need to blow up the entire system. He’s basing that on Cuomo’s argument, but then adds that we need to get rid of the electoral college:

Lemon says if Joe Biden and the Democrats win, they can stack the court and pass a constitutional amendment needed to get rid of the electoral college system. But Cuomo dumps cold water on Lemon saying you need 2/3rds vote in the Congress and 3/4ths of state legislatures. Optimistic Lemon says maybe they can do that.

This is the thing about radical leftists. When the country swings toward the right and elects a Republican president and Congress, they want to blow up the electoral college. When Republicans start putting solid justices on the bench, they want to completely change the court by adding more seats that they can fill up and restore the balance of the left. And Lemon here is there cheerleader.

Now I’m sure that Lemon will just say it was all a hypothetical or something based on their argument, but what he’s advocating for is what radical leftists do. Which is why they are also defunding police departments around the country and waging nightly wars with the cops.

Lastly, I’ll just say you know Don Lemon is off-the-charts-crazy when Chris Cuomo sounds like the sensible one in the conversation. That’s how far he has fallen down the anti-Trump bottomless pit.

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