WATCH: Dr. Fauci whines about Republicans grilling him about COVID and then goes off the deep end…

Dr. Fauci claimed on The View today that he was taken aback by the hearing earlier this month when Republicans grilled him about his COVID policies and how they hurt the country.

Fauci says he thought the hearing would be a ‘give and take’ where Republicans would respect disagreements but said it was just ad hominem and vitriol.

Then he added…

“That’s the thing that worries me, not only about what I have to face, but also about the direction of the country and the social order in our democracy. It’s very threatening, I think.”

Watch below:

As Tom Elliot points out, “Questioning whether we really should have masked toddlers is now an attack on Western Civilization itself.”

Right! The reason there is so much ‘vitriol’ about his COVID policies is because they were so drastic and damaging. Everything was shut down. Schools were closed. Masking was forced on people and it didn’t really help anything. And then came the vaccines which were also forced on people are they’d lose their jobs or get kicked out of the military. All of this was very destructive and Fauci was behind so much of it.

But now he claims that heated questioning of him over these policies is a threat to democracy? Shut the heck up. Accountability isn’t always pretty but it is very necessary, especially at this level. What a leftist jerk.

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