WATCH: Dutch farmers spray manure, flood streets, blockade police, RISE UP against insane “green” policies

There’s a farmer uprising in the Netherlands. The gov’t has been doing to them what AOC wants to do here. They are enacting preposterous restrictions to keep up with the global liberal elite’s climate scam goals, which force destitution and deprivation on regular people while giving free passes to the upper crust of liberal society.

Dutch farmers aren’t putting up with it. They have blockaded police stations, flooded highways, sprayed manure at gov’t buildings, and more. They’ve protested at the green minister’s house, set fires, attacked police cars … it’s a farmer revolution. Among many other things they are protesting new restrictions on nitrogen that are putting farms out of business – in a nation that is one of the world’s largest net agricultural exporters. Which is insane.

And I bet you can guess what else. Big business, corporate farms are getting a pass while small businesses, family farms, and workers are given the shaft.

It’s all part of the faux socialism scheme that the far-left elites have suckered millions of people into, most of whom are acting against their own interests. The “socialism” the elites want is really Soviet communism-style, or Animal Farm if you prefer.

But the thing that fiction and fantasy can’t ever quite quantify is the unwillingness of people to live under tyranny after living in freedom. And Dutch farmers are fighting back. Hard.

It isn’t getting much media in the United States. Gee, wonder why.

“A number of cows are now also present. They don’t seem to like it very much. #boerenprotest”

Remember the American media’s hysteria over truck drivers?

I can’t wait to see CNN’s faces when this starts happening here. And if AOC keeps pulling Biden’s strings? Yeah, it will happen here.

As long as the global warmers keep trying to use the fear of Climate Armageddon to try and enslave the population of the earth, this will happen everywhere.

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