WATCH: Eric Bolling involved in altercation with hateful lib who said his son committed suicide because of HIM

Eric Bolling was involved in an altercation last night after a man came up to him and said something absolutely horrible.

Bolling says in the video below that he was at Trump Tower sitting at a table with Hayden Williams, the young man recently struck in the face at Berkeley.

While he was sitting there, this a-hole came up to him and said “Eric Bolling’s son killed himself because he was embarrassed by his dad”.

Bolling, still grieving the loss of his son from an accidental overdose of Zanex laced with fentanyl, was livid and immediately got up and began following the man. He said he used some very choice words and makes no apology for it.

Here’s the video posted by The Blaze:

I’m not going to lie. When it got to the part where Bolling was confronting the a-hole and you could hear the anger and grief in his voice, I had to reach for a tissue.

There’s just no excuse for this kind of hatred. But unfortunately people like Eric have to face this far too often, and on sensitive subjects like this that should be completely off limits.

If you haven’t the video yet, please do.

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