WATCH: Eric Swalwell lets one RIP on live TV and send the whole internet into chaos!

While doing an interview on MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews tonight, Eric Swalwell let one rip right on the air and it was LOUD:

In case you think it’s fake, here it is again:

This literally sent Twitter into chaos. Not kidding. If you go on there right now it’s like a million people all commenting in some form or fashion on Swalwell’s airy deuce.

A Buzzfeed journalist was quick to get Swalwell’s response, but he denied it was him:

Matt Walsh is weighing in on it, saying it’s clear Swalwell dropped it:

He is right because Swalwell does ever so slightly move his body upward right before the fart. And he waits for the fart to be over before he continues talking.

There’s no way to include them all, but here’s a few others weighing in on it:

So here’s the big question. Will Trump be able to restrain himself from posting it in the morning or will this be the first thing on his Twitter feed? Weigh in below…

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