WATCH: Former Muslim tells Tucker that Joe Biden just said something completely shocking to a Muslim group

Last night Tucker Carlson had on Ayaan Hirsi Ali who we’ve covered here before. In a nutshell, she was a Somali-born Muslim who has since left Islam because of its radicalization and now says she’s an atheist. While on the show with Tucker last night, Ali said that she heard Joe Biden say something completely shocking while he was pandering to a Muslim group on a Zoom call, namely that he was promoting Sharia law:

Watch the interview for much more, but here’s the important part from Fox News:

Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden quoted the Muslim prophet Muhammad pronouncing Sharia law during an address to Muslim voters last month, Hoover Institution research fellow Ayaan Hirsi Ali told “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Tuesday.

According to Ali, elsewhere in his speech, Biden said, “‘If you see something wrong’ — and he quotes the Prophet Muhammad — ‘use your hand. If you can’t use your hand, use your tongue and if you can’t use your tongue, use your heart.'” What he’s basically doing from that point onwards is enforcing Sharia law and it is vigilantism on steroids.

“If you’re a Muslim, [if] you grew up within Islam trying to reform it, or [are] just a good American Muslim, you’re being confronted with … a candidate for a major political party who’s basically saying ‘Let’s enforce Sharia law,” Ali went on. “I’m with him on ‘Let’s fight [anti-Muslim] discrimination, we should not be bullying Muslim children’ … but I don’t know who puts these words in his mouth and I’m alarmed.”

Just to highlight it again, this is the troubling quote: “If you see something wrong use your hand. If you can’t use your hand, use your tongue. If you can’t use your tongue, use your heart.” Ali says this quote is promoting Sharia law and it is aimed at groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, which we all know is an Islamic organization created for the purpose of jihad.

Ali admits that Biden probably doesn’t know what he’s saying and most Americans wouldn’t, but it concerns her greatly that his campaign team would tell him to say this. She found it so egregious that she said Biden should profusely apologize to American Muslims, adding that she hates cancel culture but this is a case where he must apologize.

I spoke with Walid Shoebat to verify the alarmism from Ali, and he says she’s exactly right. He pointed out that Biden isn’t quoting from the Koran, but from the Hadith, which was written by Muhammad. He says this is what jihad is all about, noting that ‘use your hand’ means violence. Ali said the same thing, that ‘use your hand’ means with a sword or with a gun. Then comes the duplicitous ‘use your tongue’, and then lastly the ‘heart’, which Walid said doesn’t even exist. In other words, Muhammad is commanding Muslims to wage jihad using violence first and that if they can’t do that, then wage cultural jihad with the tongue, which would certainly include Taqiyya. And this is what Joe Biden is advocating when he says this to these Muslim groups.

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