WATCH: Former Police Officer says cops fleeing Minneapolis because city has made them HELPLESS

Speaking of Minneapolis. You think you know how bad it is there, but it’s actually worse. Not only have they defunded police officers, but they’ve taken away essential tools needed to fight crime in the city.

Below is Former Minneapolis police officer Steve Dykstra, who explains to Fox News just how bad it’s gotten:

FOX NEWS – Former Minneapolis police officer Steve Dykstra, who left the force last summer, said on Tuesday that the city’s officers “feel helpless.”

“This goes back before George Floyd. Since around 2015, I know the city of Minneapolis has been backpedaling, taking tools away from police to enforce the law and keep the streets safe,” Dykstra told “America’s Newsroom.”

Dykstra said that the situation was building for years before the “tragic” murder of George Floyd, as city leaders removed “tools” from officers on the streets.

“They feel pretty helpless out there,” Dykstra said.

Dykstra explained how the policies have impacted the way officers do their jobs.

You take away loitering laws and the ability to pursue vehicles. You don’t have to stop for the police in Minneapolis anymore, thanks to Mayor Frey and the city council. Cops get frustrated,” Dykstra said, adding that he refuses to be a “stand-down cop.”

“What you see is chaos, violence, and reoccurring crime.”

He said the final straw for him before he left the force was seeing Democratic Mayor Jacob Frey order police to abandon their precinct last summer as protesters set it on fire and ordered officers to take a “soft” approach as riots broke out.

“They gave that building to them as a token,” he said.

You don’t even have to stop for police officers in Minneapolis anymore because they can’t chase you? Wow. How is an officer supposed to be able to do his or her job? Talk about a morale buster.

Think of all the people who were considering becoming a police officer who, after last year, are rethinking that entirely. It’s not just Minneapolis, but that appears to be one of the worst, if not the worst.

Red states are going to soon fill up with people escaping from these corrupt Democratic strongholds and I fear these escapees won’t learn their lesson and will be voting the same way as they did in Minneapolis.

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