WATCH: Former ‘trans-boy’ tells Tucker why she regrets becoming trans

A beautiful 23-year-old girl tells Tucker Carlson how she regrets transitioning into a boy as a teenager.

Helena Kerschner explains the messages she got from people online and elsewhere telling her that if she wasn’t comfortable with herself, in her own body, it’s because she is trans. And so she made the transition into a boy over a couple of years.

Now, having fully detransitioned, she explains to Tucker why she regrets it:

Kerschner explains how she is fortunate that she didn’t do anything that was irreversible, but worries that so many kids are.

She argues that what some are saying is reversible, that it’s really more complicated than that. For example, she points out that getting a breast implant isn’t the same as never having had your breast removed. And these cross-sex hormones don’t just have a physical effect on your body, but a mental effect that can be difficult to undo.

So many kids are scaring themselves for life with this trans garbage and won’t be able to completely go back if and when they decide to detransition.

Having been through this Kerschner knows what she’s talking about and I think she is an important voice for people who are involved in this craziness. I’m glad Tucker had her own to discuss this and I think you will find it quite intriguing.

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