WATCH: Fox News Catherine Herridge reports that the contact with Russia had to do with a UN VOTE…

Fox News Catherine Herridge gives us the lowdown on the significance of this plea deal and why Flynn decided to do it.

One of the things she says early on in her reporting is that the contact with Russia took place by the Trump transition team after the election. Flynn was told to call multiple foreign governments, including Russia, to find out how they were voting on a UN vote that had to do with the Middle East.

This sounds like the anti-Israel vote that Obama was helping push through the UN. That happened in December just before Obama left office.

She also reports that this wasn’t just a one-off contact, but that it was multiple back and forths.

Watch her full reporting below:

Herridge describes this more as the Trump team going over the ‘tip of their skis’ with regard to infringing on the current administration. The Obama administration had complained that there can only be one president and one administration at a time.

She puts it this way:

So when you look at this issue of collusion, it becomes a question of whether the glass is half full or half empty. Is this a kind of coordination with the Russians that is out of character for an incoming administration or is it completely in character, which is what President Trump’s team has maintained so far.

She also explains in more detail why Flynn decided to accept the plea deal. It had to do with the cost of his legal bills as well as the emotional toll it was taking on his family. She said they couldn’t endure another two years under the government’s thumb.

Watch the clip above for more.

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