Watch FURIOUS little Chuck Todd fly into rage at Johnson calling media biased WHILE proving it is!

Chuck Todd’s angry partisan hissy fit on Sunday perfectly demonstrated the precise thing he was impotently moaning about.

Sen. Ron Johnson took the furious little goblin to school on Sunday for the better part of ten minutes, spanking him on the subject of classified documents, congressional investigations, Hunter Biden, and media bias. It was an absolute TRAINWRECK of an interview for the MSNBC garden gnome but a triumph for Ron Johnson.

The red dwarf devolved and devolved as the interview wore on, and he finally showed his true colors toward the end.

When he said “I’m a journalist, I deal in facts” I literally laughed out loud y’all.

“Part of the problem, and this is pretty obvious to anybody watching, you don’t invite me on to interview me, you invite me on to argue with me,” said Johnson.


“We do not have an unbiased media. We don’t. It’s unfortunate,” said Johnson. “There’s misinformation on both sides, but the censorship and suppression primarily occurs from the left! It’s frustrating.”

That absolute truth infuriated Todd.

“Look, you can go back on your partisan cable cocoon and talk about media bias all you want!” Todd said. “I understand it’s part of your identity.”

Just a complete ass.

(I might add some more clips from that interview to this post as the day goes on.)


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