WATCH: Furious parents walk out in protest over transgender bathroom policy in Indiana

Parents at Manchester Elementary School in Fort Wayne, Indiana are furious after the school decided to allow a ‘transgender girl’ to use the girl’s restroom with all the other biological girls. Here’s the story:

Parents attended that public meeting referenced in the report above, but were told they couldn’t discuss the controversial bathroom policy that the school blames on federal law.

They reportedly walked out of the meeting and had one of their own that you can watch below:

Nate Gephart, the main parent speaking in the video above, also told this to WPTA:

Nate Gephart decided to pull his two daughters out of school and home school them because of the policy.

“As parents, naturally, we have a problem with this. Biological boys need to use the biological boys bathroom and biological girls need to use the biological girls restroom,” Gephart said.

At Wednesday night’s meeting, Gephart and other parents that share his opinion wanted to have their voices heard.

“We want to be heard, last week it was a public meeting and we were told that we could talk but we just couldn’t talk about the bathroom issue,” Gephart said.

Gephart said after the meeting he still did not feel his voice was heard. During a presentation about gender identity, tensions rose and he and other parents became angry and left the meeting.

I’m happy to see parents taking action by pulling their kids out of the school. When they won’t listen anymore, it’s time to leave.

Also I just want to point out based on something in the above video. While it is true that I oppose transgender bathroom policies for the safety of women and children, that’s actually a secondary issue. It’s really about what’s right and wrong. If I had a daughter in that school, I would never want her to feel the discomfort and potentially shame as having to share the restroom with a boy pretending to be a girl. That should never happen, especially in elementary school.

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