WATCH: Georgia election supervisor shows how easy it is to CHEAT during ballot adjudication process

A Georgia election supervisor demonstrated to members at a Georgia Senate Judiciary hearing this morning how easy it is to cheat during the adjudication process for ballots using the Dominion software:

This is insane. Ballots should be in a read-only mode after they are scanned and election supervisors should not have the ability to change anything. If someone screwed up and voted for both Biden and Trump, that part of the ballot should be discarded by the computer. But the election supervisor shouldn’t have the ability to alter anything.

Adding to the madness, a caucus chair who was involved in the recount pointed out how they rescanned 15k ballots five different times and they could never get the same count each time they scanned. She said the variance was around 50 each time they scanned the ballots, and their scans never matched the manual recount nor the initial count on election night:

If you are scanning ballots, getting an accurate count should not be this hard. States need to be forced to dump Dominion software and let’s just all go back to paper ballots.

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