WATCH: Glenn Beck’s blockbuster special on Ukraine – the facts that the media refuse to tell you!

I’m going to start by telling you I haven’t watched this myself. But considering how some of our commenters are reacting to it, I’ve decided to post it.

Even though it’s two hours long, I understand it’s absolutely worth watching in its entirety.

The Blaze bills it as “the Democrats’ Russia”, referring to the Russia investigation Trump was subjected to for over 2 years:

Glenn reveals the facts that the media refuse to share and breaks down the entire Ukraine timeline on the chalkboard. Tune in to watch as Glenn makes yet another complex issue simple. BlazeTV Presents a Glenn Beck Special – Ukraine: The Democrats’ Russia.

As a bonus I’ll also post something from Steven Crowder that aired this week as well, where he explains why he was wrong about Trump in 2016. It’s gotten over 1.3 million views:

It looks like you’re gonna be here a while so relax and kick your feet up and enjoy this week’s Friday Matinee at The Right Scoop!

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