Watch Glenn Beck’s rousing keynote speech at CPAC 2010

When the speech started it sounded alot like an episode of the Glenn Beck Show. Good, of course, but much we’ve heard before regarding progressivism and spending. In fact, I believe the other day on the radio that he suggested it would be familiar to those of us who watch him.

But then he turned it on. I don’t mean to get your expectations too high, but he really lit fire and stirred every heart in there. He painted the most beautiful portrait of America and gave us insight into why we are America. Some of it was still familiar, but he addressed the crowd with a passion I didn’t expect. It was quite simply amazing and very patriotic.

I was left wondering if our next President will believe in the ideal of America, the exceptionalism of America. If I have anything to say about it, they will.

I suggest watching it at least twice.

UPDATE: I thought I’d add my favorite clip from the night:

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