WATCH Glenn Greenwald shred NPR’s ‘PRETEND SUPERIORITY’ in hitpiece on Ben Shapiro: EXTREME lack of self-awareness

“It’s the most extreme case of lacking self-awareness I think I’ve ever seen,” said Glenn Greenwald about the NPR hitpiece on Ben Shapiro’s success. “NPR itself would rather swallow acid than criticize a leading Democratic party politician.”

That is definitely what makes it so particularly “galling” as Greenwald puts it, that NPR smeared Shapiro – particularly for his Facebook success – as being harmful to America. They said the Daily Wire is “biased”. NPR SAID THAT!

“At least Ben Shapiro is honest about his ideology,” said Greenwald. “What makes this so galling is that NPR is accusing other people of being politically polarizing and serving a particular side of the political spectrum, when that’s all NPR does!”

That is DANG right.

“Ever since the George Floyd killing, you can listen to NPR and almost be guaranteed that the theme of NPR will some culture war issue about race. They almost flood the zone of coverage,” he said, so everything they’re saying about Ben Shapiro, it’s true about them. With the only difference being that Ben Shapiro is candid about his views and NPR pretends superiority.”

It’s great. He delivers his comments so low key you don’t even realize at first how packed with slams on NPR it really is. I had to listen twice. But I’m glad I did.

NPR is taxpayer funded propaganda for the left and Democrats, who already get it free from CNN and MSNBC.

HOW have we let the massive Democrat scam take over America? Seriously! It’s ridiculous. Almost as ridiculous as the fact that with all that on their side they still barely win, and then only with cheating.

Democrats suck in every possible way.

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