WATCH: Gov DeSantis explains WHY Biden admin is so wrong about revoking monoclonal antibodies

Last night Governor Ron DeSantis was on with Laura Ingraham and explained why the data used by the Biden administration to revoke the use of monoclonal antibodies is so flimsy.

Here’s what DeSantis said:

These monoclonals were highly effective against the delta variant to keep people out of hospitals. We have been using them with patients coming in during the omicron wave and we have seen success anecdotally. Now we haven’t run a clinical trial but neither did the FDA. They’re relying on one study which was an observational study – it was not a clinical trial, it was not peer reviewed – that said that two monoclonals aren’t effective against omicron. It was done by a consultant for one of the rival drug companies.

Now if you do clinical trials maybe it will end up being the case. But man, that’s very flimsy evidence to take this treatment away from people. We had thousands of people in the queue at our treatment sites in Florida and they all of a sudden wake up to saying that you’re out of luck because of the whims of the Biden administration? What they’re doing is just fundamentally wrong.

DeSantis believes the Biden administration didn’t like that Florida made monoclonal antibodies available as a pre-covid treatment and says they are more interested in picking political fights rather than being there for people:

And yes, I do think that they were upset when Florida did that because their view is that you should only worry about vaccines, don’t discuss treatment. We reject that because for the reason you said. People are still getting infected even who’ve gone through vaccination.

In Florida we just anticipate hostility from this administration. That’s just what they do. They are much more interested in picking political fights than they are actually being there for the people in our state that need this assistance.

I love the fact that DeSantis comes armed with facts. Watch the video for more…

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