WATCH: Gov DeSantis says his policy on Ukraine has NOT changed and explains why…

Governor DeSantis is getting criticized by some establishment folks claiming he’s changed his policy on Ukraine.

But DeSantis told Eric Bolling that his foreign policy views haven’t changed abd explained why, as a congressman, he voted to arm Ukraine during Trump’s presidency.


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So essentially what DeSantis points out is that when he voted as a congressman to arm Ukraine under Trump, that was to deter Russia from invading and it worked. It only broke down after Biden came in and Putin saw incredible weakness from Biden in Afghanistan.

DeSantis says that situation was far different than what we have now, which is Russia and Ukraine fighting over border lands in the far east of Ukraine and places like Crimea. He then adds:

“My position on that is I care more about securing our own border in the United States than I do about the Russia Ukraine border. It seems like the establishment, some of the people that you mentioned (Liz Cheney and Lindsey Graham), they ignore the problems that we have here at home as Americans. The border is one that is costing American lives. It’s also allowing people coming in from Communist China, people from the Middle East. There are suspected terrorists who have come in. And that’s just being allowed to happen without any of these people batting an eye.”

He goes on in the second video to slam the establishment’s open ended checkbook for Ukraine, giving ideas of how to really weaken Putin. Like drilling for more oil here in the US, which he says would do more to weaken Putin that “what these guys are cooking up”.

Desantis also says that continuing to arm what’s essentially a stalemate in Ukraine – what is that doing to our weapons stockpiles here? He says the facts are that they are declining which impacts our ability to respond to threats.

He then points out that our number one threat in the world is China and the CCP. He says they are strong militarily, they are strong economically and they have the largest industrial base in human history, and that their abmitions and interests conflict with ours here.

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